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    Trying, I had the worst back ache at 7dpo. I’ve been getting cramps in my whole TWW since I started TTC in January. Thats why i’m thinking its not my month – AGAIN.



    Hi ladies, it looks like a lot is happening in my family lately. Ky SIL is currently 26 weeks pregnant. We are in South Africa. She is in La Femme clinic in Rustenburg at the moment, but she is currently being transferred to Waterkloof Hospital in Pretoria. She has kidney failure – they are going to perform a c-section today! I saw on internet that about 80% of babies born at 26 weeks do survive. Please pray for her, her name is Jacky and the baby is Marisa.


    Luvbabe – are you PG or are you still TTC? On you profile it says TTC but it also says you are 6 weeks PG….I am just courius!



    Vikki- your O must have been delayed for some reason.


    sarah l – Oh dont feel bad…I think that is awasome!! I hope to get pregnant that easy with baby#2!!



    well i am out this cycle AF has arrived 🙁 arr well onto another month of ttc with you ladies still waiting for BFP’s 🙂 sorry for any typos the text box is half missing – again.
    I am looking for some advise from ladies who monitor their BBT – this month i would like to take temps and it will be the first time so im looking out for any pointers really – I will be using them along with OPK’s so as to find out when i ov or have a LH surtge – this last cycle I either missed it or didnt ov/have a surge since i didnt get a postive OPK fingers crossed for this cycle x good luck again and thanks for any advise in advance x



    i’m doing good. just getting tired. you girls?



    my preg dont usually show up until after af is late so hopefully that is the case!


    So I need some opinion. I am 4 days late. I have backache, headaches, and cramps. It feels like I am going to start. But I have been feeling this way for about a week. I am kinda scared to take a test and it be negative. Whats are some thoughts.



    @ alicia-n-baby,get busy girl. My fingers & toes are crossed & i hope you catch that eggy !!

    Hi ladies,well Cd29 for me today & only 3 days until Af is due. My cramping has stopped again,so im very curious to see what happen’s !! Wishing Wednesday would hurry along already, hahaha 🙂



    slh i got a bfp this month and i had pretty obvious craming from O to bfp, i still am getting cramps af was due sunday.



    Exactly Dmmarine!



    very much so Dianel…but you know what deep down inside we teachers are thankful for our jobs b/c no one else gets as much time off PAID!



    I’ll be testing at 9 DPO since AF is due on the 1st or 2nd. I never go to 14 dpo. Only 8-12 dpo



    lachica, heres hoping its delayed implantation bleeding!! *fingers crossed*

Viewing 15 posts - 130,306 through 130,320 (of 131,346 total)

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