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    Aw left don’t say that. That’s plenty of ways to have a baby 🙂 . BRING ON THE MAY 2010 BABYS 🙂



    Hey Ladies! Been a while since I am in Mexico and dont have internet. So happy to read bca got a BFP! Congrats! I lost my phone in the xray machine coming into mexico. All my cycle information is lost! I am so bummed. I had everything since DD was born. I have no idea what cycle day I am even on now. Im hoping I have my lmp on countdowntopregnancy or something. I am so lost without my phone. We even went back to the airport and talked to the head of security but I think someone there stole it. When I get home I am gonna get apple to fry it for me. So far I haven’t had any signs of fertility. I just have thick which cm right now. I am home in a week then I will be waiting to O. I should be around cd 14ish – 19ish as a guess. I will hit the vitex hard when I get home. I am so ready for a bfp after all this time.


    thanks Cpalmer



    you ever wonder while watching a movie when a woman rolls out of bed and puts pants on right away… Its just no how it works lol.
    On another note: thanking the heavens that i ovulated last week. Husband has the flu and it going away this weekend. I wont touch him with a ten foot pole at this point :s



    Kay – just wanted to share. I’ve been reading all day on the internet about my cramping and such, and apparently when the body is low in progesterone it will cramp – now I am not saying that is why everyone cramps, but I have been cramping for like 8 or more days. AND progesterone helps with your bbt -so like with me my bbt is low – but higher than normal, so I know i ‘O’d’, but it is still lower than a typical pregnancy…so I am doing things to help with progesterone levels. Like B6 and magnesium. My midwife has always told me to take calcium magnesium for cramping and now I know why – it helps with progesterone. Also Almonds and walnuts and sunflower seeds. And of course dark green leafy vegetables and eggs=)…thought it was a good one to share – I’m hoping it’ll do the trick for me!



    Hey ladies I have a question. So on tues I had a pap done, and was noted to have a friable cervix. I have been spotting for since monday. My period was due yesterday. I am reading online that friable cervix is caused be STD’s. I know I have only been with my partner and had all the tests done. I’m kinda freakin out. Does anyone have any idea why this could be happen?? Any advice would be greatly appriciated. Thanx.


    Tomato & Cherry- Thank you ladies! I feel better about it now…I still need to lose weight and I will continue to eat healthy as it is better for me and baby (if I am pregnant).



    Could I actually be pregnant? So I’ve had very light brown spotting yesterday and today. I figured it was the start of my period (just coming on slow) so I put it into my Pink Pad App and it changed my ovulation dates from Dec 12 to Dec 26. Well we had our first unprotected sex on Dec 25. So holy crap. Could I actually be pregnant? If so I’m gunna call my husband a one hit wonder. I took a test right now and the evap line showed up RIGHT away and stayed. I don’t think it’s a positive because there’s no color to it, but it showed up right away. Not after a long period of time. I’m gunna wait and see if AF fully starts and if not I’m going to test again in 3 days. This is how my second pregnancy started. Light brown spotting and then tested 3 days later and got a super faint positive. Hoping I actually AM! If so….wow. That would be amazing. Baby dust ladies!!



    Diane…..the extra ‘F’ in BFFN is EXACTLY what you think it is….LOL! Eeyore…I’ll be on a little later today. I’ve got to go take my car to the shop. I’m a bit bummed out today so I sure could use a few friends to talk to. Love you guys so much. Going to buy some herbs…ttyl. BIG HUGS AND EXTRA STICKY BABY DUST!



    Tested today and got a BFN 🙁 kinda bummed but i think its still a lil early to test so im not giving up hope…I went on a website from my last AF and it shows that i BD’d on the right days ( of course that was a 28 day cycle ) but according to the calendar i could possibly get a BFP on the 13th…keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 BABY DUST to all you ladies ttc



    ONLY-My 1st symptoms were headache & backache that wouldn’t quit and constipation 🙂



    For those of you wondering about implantation bleeding…this was my experience. I was outside doing yard work (period was already late, but didn’t think I was pregnant) came inside to use restroom and when I wiped there was one drop of red blood on toilet paper, I thought it was AF but since it was heavy or anything I just went back to doing yard work. Ended up finding out I was pregnant at 6 weeks. When I was about 9 weeks we were painting babys room and cleaning out the house and I felt a gush of something come out of me…went to bathroom and had red blood in my panties…about the size of a quarter…I thought I was losing my baby but everything turned out okay. I have a healthy two year old little girl now 🙂



    hi thalia when is you fertile CD…I cant tell mine.Bcoz my last period was aug 8 to 15 and always 32 cycle and i had my period back CD50 last sept 29.Its hard to count my ovolation calendar…



    Charmed – Big fat congratulations!! What dpo are you? So many girls are in the 2ww, I’m so anxious to see the positives.



    What does soy do??

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