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    sounds awesome DM! Would love to see the ocean when I look out my window 🙂 The BF has been making me jealous telling me about how awesome BC is… hopefully we get to be posted there next year 🙂



    Hey Alicia 🙂 You could ask the Dr. to do a progesterone analysis to see if you did ovulate, thought that is usually done on CD 21. Not sure if the Dr. would do it later or not. Good luck – hope you are indeed preggo!


    dawn lol i also feel that way haha but am going to hold out till 12dpo…



    This is our 9 th month Tcc



    I tested the other day and got a bfn, but no sign of AF. I hate that. If I’m out this cycle, so be it, but the least AF can do is show up on time. 🙁



    Eeyore. Well hopefully that keeps you busy. I don’t understand the hole opk n temps business I wouldn’t think its very accurate but some people do it, I don’t. But don’t give up hope yet.



    Thanks ladies. Im just gonna sit back and wait for af im sure ill know for sure tomorrow


    yeah its 99 when I woke up today and stayed like that I will temp in the morning if I can find my thermometer its mia at the moment lol



    Sweet mother- I’m so sorry Hun. I was also supposed to be in week 12 or 13 this week- but also lost my baby at 6 weeks.- resulting in a d&c. It’s hard, just be sure to talk about what ur feeling as ur feeling it and just take it easy. The first few weeks will be hardest- the girls in ttc after loss helped me so much as well. I would suggest following your drs advice. Mine told me to wait 1 full cycle and Im on my second cycle now- just waiting… Best of luck to you and wish you comfort in ur time of grievance.



    Thank You ladies I think I’ll get it, also I’m going to get for women just in case. 🙂



    God is humorous. So I was late this month. But since I have had PCOS and been up to 3 weeks late before I decided to be patient and not get my hopes up again. AF has been ‘regulated’ for the passed few months. AF was due Wed, nothing. I bought some tests Friday but was determined not to obsess. Sat afternoon I went to the bathroom and notice that AF was coming. I was a little bummed, again. But then nothing the rest of the day, or night or this morning (sunday). I decided to take a test and after almost 2 years of TTC, BFP!!!! Thank you God.



    I’m also on clomid i don’t bother with temping or anything of those things, I BD every other day from day day 9 to day24 and it gotme 2 little girls. This time we have added problems that my hubby has lowsperm so ibare in mind this may not happen for us. I’m now on cd15 so still a while til I’m put out of my misery lol



    THANK THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂 Baby dust to you all – it’s been amazing. I will continue to post here and help with any and every advice. <3



    Ok so I have a question for u all the last time I had a real af was June 12 09. I had af July 28 09 but it only lasted a day in a half and last month af didn’t come at all. anyone else have that happen and not be Prego?
    oh and my boobs don’t hurt but the feel different than normal!



    well i only started trying last month, when i started opk’s there was no second line and then few days b4 i got the poss i started getting a faint line untill the actual dark poss line, well i did a test this afternoon, which i thought was to early as im predicted to O next week, but anyways i got a faint line, and if you get faint lines build up few day b4 the poss that would mean i would due to O sooner than i thought??? or does the faint line not necessarily mean getting closer??

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