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    Um… If i had got my period it would have been 5 full cycles, we’ve been off birth control since january…



    Diane I think having your Ov date for us so we know who our testing buddies would be AWESOME!!!! I hope they could do it for us 🙂



    kutaylor – 23 min. ago.
    So…I am on 8-10 DPO, took pregnancy test this morning and BFN, but last night when DH and I were BDing, I could tell my cervix was high (TMI, but for him to go in all the way is painful.) Thoughts?

    Sorry…am I just being crazy because I want to be pregnant? Sorry for the repeat I just didn’t get any responses. 🙁



    That is awesome Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!



    Good morning young ladies!!



    poizineyevee- did you mean you got a BFN?



    mrsg22tx – Its normal to feel scared but at the same time want to be pregnant after 2 m/c your bound to be feeling the way you do, yet mising being pregnant and wanting it back so much.

    Like kristin said if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t then your time will come when you and your body are ready and healed. Good luck hunni ~Baby Dust~ to you.



    Sherry, LH won’t break down for at least 12 hours. You’re good! Keep it room temp!


    Talk about obsession, I went to clean the kids bathroom yesterday, I had to get a bag to put all the HPT/OPK i had hidden from DH on top of the linen cabinet in the bathroom! I didn’t want him to find them in the trash, so i had stuck them in kids bathroom way up where he couldn’t see….Not like he would care, but to think all the $ wasted on my obsession! LMAO..



    katmoma miracles happen everyday I am a firm believer in miracles my AF is due 3rd of May though that is an average cycle my cycles range from 26 to 31 days long and O can happen between cd 10 to cd 18 but have noticed that vitamin B has help with O which I know when taking it is around cd 16. so technically Af can visit between the 29th and the 4th. I hope you get your miracle 🙂


    Well well well, what a productive afternoon!!!!!! Conratulations to the two new additions!!



    Well, AF is supposed to be here on the 28th, and still no signs. I usually spot 3 – 4 days before I start. And start cramping lightly. I haven’t done either one yet. But, I dare not to hope… But the aches in my bb’s isn’t really any worse than what I experience every month before AF… so I don’t know what to think. I think that I’ve decided not to take a EPT. I think that I’m just going to wait to see whether or not AF shows up. If not, then I’ll test. But, I don’t want to see the BFN. So, I’ll just wait. Wishing for BFP’s for everone:) SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!! Lot’s of VERY sticky baby dust to all!!!!!


    Ha……..My poor DH has shovelled 3 times TODAY, and you cant even tell, we are having a record snowfall here in TO..3-5 cm an hour and it started last night! Im dreamig of a bfp……..I mean White Christmas………………..



    Diane that is awful and I hope that everyone gets better soon!!! I have a question for you lovely ladies. I’m taking a multi-vitamin right now and i’ve been reading that I should take prenatal vitamins too. Now is it okay to take both of them at the same time or just take the prenatals?? Soo confusing!!! Baby dust to all and congrats again to all the BFPs!!! 🙂 🙂



    hey ladies how is everyone? im so waiting for this AF to be gone so i can get my BD on lol. poor hubby we used to BD every day and now that AF is here hes having withdrawls lol :0)

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