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    3dpo. Ugh this is going so slow…



    Hi ladies, I need a little advise from the experts! I have just started charting this month and bought OPKs. I have however, been abroad for the last week and didn’t keep up with the charting neither did I use my OPKs (things were just quite hectic as we were out there for a wedding and as it’s my first month I kept forgetting to do it!). I should have, theoretically, been ovulating during this week but unfortunately we only got to BD on CD12 and CD14 because we both picked up a sickness bug after this so definitley were not in the mood for it! I have just used 2 OPKs as I still have what I believe to be fertile cervical fluid and the 2 lines have come up with very little difference in colour intensity (the instructions say that the test band should be equal or greater colour intensity than the control band to show a positive). I am now on CD19, is there any chance that I could actually still be in a fertile period? Oh, and I have a 27 day cycle if that makes any difference. Any comments would be greatly appreciated as I think I am inteperating these OPKs how I’d like to see them as I’m quite gutted that this bug may have ruined our chances this month 🙁 Thanks and sorry for the essay!



    Hi jamie, yup…have gone through a whole tube of that stuff! I also take a vitamin b complex and a great multi. My dr doesn’t seem to think I have a luteal phase defect but I think otherwise. I mean….my cycles use to always be 28 days(for over 15 years)…now the norm is 24-26. I did try a progesterone cream a few months ago that you use right after ovulation and that made my period last 28 days again. Not sure if it’s safe for pregnancy though….so I stopped. My blood work came back as being fertile…and that I am ovulating so I just don’t know where to go from here. :o(



    Hey ladies ! CD 35 of a normally 29 day cycle! I took a test when I was one day late and BFN so I waited till this morning which makes me 6 days late and still a BFN ! My boobs are killing me , I am tired and some foods I love to eat just dont taste this same to me lately, exspecally milk. The longest my AF has been late was 3 days so this is not normal. I dont know what to do. Should I buy a different brand of pregnancy test or what. I’m gonna give it a few more days and I think I am gonna call the doctor.



    katmom – I continued running and working out hard until about a week after I found out I was pregnant. I am seven weeks and I still work out I just take it alot easier now. So those spermies will still get to the egg; you won’t run them out! Good luck hon!!



    Dawn, I need your idea for a roast marinade 🙂



    I had convinced DH to try for a second child when DS turns 2 in October, but then we had some bumps in the road in our relationship, and now he’s back to unsure. Sigh. I really want to try soon so we can have a 3 year or so age gap. =( Anyway, just wanted to chime in and vent a little. Good luck to all those waiting for a BFP!!



    kirra due to the PCOS it’ s very hard to calculate that but my body normally tells me yes, I get side pain and a butterfly feeling when i’m going to but I’ve had that a few times this month about 3 times so far.



    young-yummy-mummy I’m sorry you’re having a rough day! It sounds promising, especially with the metallic taste in your mouth. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you!! If you decide to stop actively TTC, you might just get pregnant when not thinking about it. 🙂 Baby dust for everyone!!!



    becky my husband didnt. He just thought that every month we werent pregnant was another month of trying! But as I said before, he isnt normal ;o)



    young-yummy-mummy – Big Congrats to you, It is so exciting. Wishing you all the best for a happy 9 months of pregnancy



    alright, I got to get out of here too….I need to finish work before I leave work 2day….I will talk to you guys later…


    yes i have a 28 day cycle



    Hey Michelle!



    babybumpofluv – Yeah, my 2 year old keeps things interested with TTC, she fortunately has been going to sleep…and staying asleep most evenings…so woot woot. (I just retired from baby sitting a house of kiddos 3 and under…a lot of work!). But never-the-less dh and I have found it much more exhausting after dinner, bath, story, bedtime to muster up to bd 🙂

    sherry49 – So funny. Being from south Florida and being such a melting pot that it is…I have a large array of accents and slang LOL, Have you ever been to River Ranch off Yeahaw Junction? One of my favorites growing up…and has been amazing taking our Bug back there to experience the same family traditions…RVing and Cabin living 🙂

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