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    i’m freaking and peaking ladies… AF due in 2 days. took a HPT tonight and got a faint positive. it wasnt even morning pee….we have a 14 month old son, and had tried for the last few months to no avail. My husband just turned 43 and we decided you have to draw the line somewhere. this was the last month we were going to try, and i cant beleive it might have happened. i wonder if i pee tomorrow am with first morning urine if it would be much darker than today…..totally in shock right now….wow



    Yeh I kinda agree. I think so too. I think we missed the boat somehow. Hey ho, there’s always next month! Thank s for your help.


    Well as I expected got a BFN lol not going to bother testing now until the weekend if AF doesn’t show by then!!



    I definitely O late, the last hpt I took was on CD 40 and was BFN. I used opks last cycle, and had positive on CD 43 and 44, but didnt BD much, cuz I was just figuring out thw whole opk and LP thing. So this cycle I bought the saliva tester and it looked positive on CD 22-24 and I even had EWCM …but I guess I didnt end up Oing after all



    Im bad and have never used a ovulation kit to test… is that bad? Should i try? Is it worth while?


    oh thanks that helps.



    Morning Ladies….trust you are all well and congrats to all who are preggies



    jst checked my intercourse timing analysis on fertility friend & its showing as high for this month!!! 🙂



    blondie – im Oing anytime now, felt like i was yesterday, but could be today or tomorrow so am right there with ya 2 🙂



    Hey Hopin – It’s true that once you see the temp rise you have likely already ovulated. If you BD as soon as you see a jump in temp, you can try to catch the egg (it’s good for 24 hours after ovulation) but the jump in temp one day may be followed by a dip the next, and then you realize you likely have not ovulated yet! The thing about BBT is that it does not work to predict ovulation, but rater is a marker to confirm that ovulation actually did happen. When charting BBT, you want to see a temp rise that is above your pre-ovulation temps to last three days. The temp may fluctuate up and down a little for the rest of your cycle, but it should stay above your pre-ovulation temps until your period returns (or hopefully does not return because of a BFP!) . Let’s say March 5 your temp was 96.9. March 6 your temp was 97.2. March 7 your temp was 97.4 and March 8 your temp was 97.7. You likely ovulated on March 5. Charting BBT seems to work best in conjunction with using OPK’s or checking cervical mucous for the EWCM (egg white cervical mucous) that marks fertility. I have some info about BBT on my VIP page – just scroll down, it’s close to the bottom 🙂



    Hi ladies! I’ve been on this site since I was pregnant with my son. He’s 30 months now. We just decided to start trying to #2! I was on the bc patch and took the last one off on the 11th. Now, just going about it as let’s see what happens. If nothing after a bit, we’ll map out fertile days and go from there. Does anyone know the average time they say it takes the BC to leave the body?


    Good Morning ladies! Any good news today?



    i know mrs bugs, last month a couple of days b4 AF i had sore bbs, felt kinda nauseous & had some cramps – i didnt realise that i got sore bbs when AF was due, so i know that now! At the moment my bbs are not sore, but im a lot more nauseous, have back pain & twinges/cramps in my tummy – iv never had the back pain last month so im hoping thats a good sign…….& yeh all the tests i did last month were straight negs, no matter how i looked at them & how many different lights i looked at them in lol! this time though i suppose i have a glimmer of hope but am realistic & know that it could still be false hope……..i think ill still be disappointed if it turns out im not, we’ll jst have to wait & c!!!!


    i would like a little girl 2d time around but would be equally happy if we had another boy



    Just saw your post Rylans! Congrats on the snowbabies! Cheers to BPS!!!

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