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    Maybe I just have a very short window….



    Sabsi congrats! wow thatmakes 32 preggos in december!


    kelly…thanks it was really a toss up wether or not I was going to start it. Ive been ttc for almost 6 months but have only had like 4 periods..its hard to get prego when I have no idea when I O. How about you how long ttc?



    Hi everyone, ive been waiting patiently to take a hpt (with my others ive had to be around 7 weeks to get a pos) but i got sick of waiting so i brought 2 today and decided not to wait until the morning thinking it would be a waste of time but it wasnt it came up positive immediately. Im about 6 weeks. Im still in shock and cant believe it yet as its taken us almost 2 years.



    1) Do you have a child already? Yes, a boy. 2) How long to conceive? 2 months 3) How long have you been trying for 2nd? Going on 8 months. 4) Age? 28 5) Is AF regular? Yes 28-29 days.



    Hi Everyone! My husband and I currently have a 7 month old baby girl and this past month we have been casually trying for baby #2. My last AF was Dec 12, so I am getting excited to test soon! Any advice on when I should take the urine test? Good luck to everyone TTC! Lots of baby dust!



    grapefruit22 -> CD 54 thats a long cycle do you have a condition like PCOS?



    well i think thats AF coz i just checked and its starting to be heavy bleeding but should i count it from today or from the day i started bleeding



    Ok ladies… I went to the doc today. Looks like our TTC is going to have to be postponed for 3 cycles… They put me on BC to regulate my cycles. He said that my hormones are all messed up from when I had Liam in Oct 09. He said that we need to fix that first, then start trying again. I am a bit upset but if its going to work then the waiting will be worth it. Good luck to all you ladies over the next few months. Hope you all get the BFP you are looking for if you are TTC!



    ooooh Pallleeeeaaaase! let us all have BFP’s



    MrsL: Sorry to hear that AF played a trick on ya. It happened to me before too where I POAS and see AF when I wipe. Truely sucks! Better luck next cycle! *pour on a bucket load of baby dust*



    lol I would offer to send you some but I only have 1 left lol



    its hard to track your fertile mucous when bding at the same time grrrrrrr


    obs…sorry I was getting you confused with Pocahontas. Your both gorgeous ladies outside of the U.S. Have you seen her painting?



    MichelleMc – Welcome to the forum. I was on the pill for a very long time as well. My doc seems to think that it is no problem to start trying whenever but that I should keep in mind the cycle takes time to adjust. So, you just might not know the exact time of ovulation or when your period is going to come. Good luck!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 13,051 through 13,065 (of 131,346 total)

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