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    hello ladies, im on cd11 and im using opk when should i expect my first positive opk??



    Hello ladies, I’m so nervous, I talked to my doctor’s nurse yeaterday, because my doctor is out for the week. I have been trying for about 2 years now, and I’m finally calling my doctor for help. I heard about the fertility pill and the nurse is going to talk to my doctor if I qualify. I having a hard time getting pregnant with my second one and I’m not sure if I am O. I can’t wait to get some answers I hope its good news. I didn’t even know they had fertility pills, dummy. I will go through the testing next week to see if I am or not O. And if I am not then I hope she can help. The pill is called clomid. *Baby dust blowing to all of you*.



    bye guys! have a lovely day!!!



    just a thought provoking question…at what point does ‘trying’ become ‘playing-God-‘? For myself when trying in my 30s I just went to a doctor to make sure everything was normal..when I found out it was I decided to decline the offer of meds..but I was ok with timing sex and using special lubes and taking asprin and guaifisen…but isnt this playing God too? but what isnt? and if I dont try to at least make love during probable ovulation I’ll never give ‘it’ a chance. has anyone else pondered this topic? curious what others have think:)



    {Michelle looks upward toward the sky and notices the down pouring of baby dust} Good Morning lovely ladies, I’m sending good baby vibes to everyone. {Michelle pats belly while chanting ‘sticky uterus’ for the start of TTC cycle #3}.


    seeg ~ my OPKs came back VERY pos at 10 and 11 DPO and i got my BFP at 11DPO there’s always a faint line with OPK but when using it with HPTs they have to be just as dark or darker than the control line



    thx Ibrels- Im gonna wait til Wednesday then IF AF doesnt show up!



    keepthefaith-No I’ve been trying not to considering Im only 22 and I just figure that it just might not be time yet..but Im ready!! But I did the fertility test with 1st response and the results told me 2 keep trying..



    no coco just a spelling mistakes sorry.



    I hope you all are right. I just don’t feel as obsessed this month about getting pregnant. I’m feeling all of the positives about not being pregnant yet. I think I’ve put to much pressure on myself the past few months and maybe that effected our ttc. Anyway, I also feel more excited about the prospects of either boy or girl. I actually getting excited!! Seriously the pressure just made it miserable. Glad I’m feeling this way cause after only 4-5 months I felt like i was broken or something. SIlly right?


    Hello ladies! If you have a moment would you please go read my latest blog titled ‘thinkin bout goin to the er/cant sleep/back, rib cage, chest pains’ and tell me what u all think. thanks so much and good luck to all my follow ttcers. buckets of baby dust.



    Hey all, I had Implanon removed Thur. Jun 17 and Monday July 12 I had a small amount of bleeding. I bled lightly for 60 hours. I am confused about what my body is doing because I was extremely regular (28 days + or – 1 hour of 4pm) before I got pregnant with my daughter. Then at my 6 week appointment I had Implanon inserted (my daughter is almost 6 months old). So, I had the implant in for several months and would have 1 whole month of bleeding with 1 month of not bleeding while I had the Implant in. I don’t know what is going on with my body and I am TTC #2. Any advice or personal experience with TTC after Implanon would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks!


    rydsers…so you have AF now or just some cramping?



    @TheHippieChic: be patient sista, hopefully u’ll get AF soon… 🙂



    hey girls i have a question…i am due for my af on friday, but the last couple days I have been really wet down there (sorry tmi). what does that mean? i haven’t noticed a change in my cervix though…why would i be wet down there before my af…that never happens

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