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    There’s no way I o’d that early. I had a 101 fever earlier in my cycle, and that’s known to delay O. I would have definitely gotten a + test by now. I have a feeling my period is actually due in 2 days, and that I’m only 12dpo right now. I’m starting to get faint lines, so 12dpo sounds right. I’ve had cramping for a few days around what would have been implantation, and white discharge. That started on the 13th.



    Man how i wish i knew someone who has tried Vitex to help get pregnant. lol. I have naturally low progesterone and i am using this to help with ovulation and a list of other things. My poor boobies hurt bad and my nipples are consistently stiff, sorry tmi lol and i have head aches all the time. and a nervous belly. AHH Since i have never had a normal period and now i am on vitex to help regulate them i have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME! lol Im on Cycle day 22. So heres my question, Would it be normal to have pregnancy/period sysmtoms this early? And how long is a ‘regular cycle? Just so i know if the Vitex started working or not. Anyone have any input they want to share with me? I am clueless for all this TTC stuff! lol



    Hey Ladies, first time posting on the TTC wall. Just wondering if anybody else is going crazy waiting to take a pregnancy test?



    AF FINALLY left yesterday! CD9 is wayyyyyy to long for her visit:/ One good thing though, atleast she helped it pass the time by ( I swear the wait to O is sometimes as dreadful as the 2ww) So now I am set to O Sunday/Monday so I shall be BD busy this weekend:) Hope everyone has a good weekend as well♥ Seems really quiet in here the past 2 days. Hopefully that is a good sign!…NixSa- Easier said than done:) I know I start analyzing EVERY twinge, tick and pull during the 2ww and then mentally try to talk myself out of being hopeful,lol….metal-mommy- Most of my bfp’s occurred when I took the relaxed approach with TTC and didnt put much thought into it:) I sometimes believe actively TTC and stressing over it actually becomes a natural birth control,lol.



    wendy – i breastfed my son til he was 14 months it took a while for things to settle down it took about four months after stopping breastfeeding all together till i got pregnant even though my periods were regular from about 11 months xx



    Well ladies I was thinking we should do almost like a late introduction so we can know more about each other. I’ll start. My real name is Nicole I turned 26 yesterday, I have a husband Andrew who is 27 and a 3 year old Son Chad. We live in Queenstown, South Africa. I am a stay at home mom / house wife in the mornings while Chad is at school. Hubby is a Manager for an insurance company. We have moved 16 times in 7 years because DH has to go where his job takes him. We are trying hard to settle here now and very excited to have our second baby. We agreed over a year ago that no matter what happens on 1 October 2013 we would start trying.



    ok. soo… i’m soo worried. i got off birth control because i was working soo much and couldn’t find the time to get anymore. I have been off the pill for a little over a month. My boyfriend and I already have a two year old. (BTW I’m only 20) We live on our own.. anyway. Off topic.. we have had sex probably about 6 times unprotected and he didn’t pull out. I think I might be pregnant.. I’ve taken 3 tests, all negative but I feel it might be too soon. Could I have maybe not have gotten pregnant? Please tell me. I am wayy to impatient to wait until it shows up if I am..


    I had mirena but I went on the pill right after removal so not much help there.



    Tomorrow is turkey day…myfavorite day to be preggoo…you can eat all you want and not feel guilty, not going to happen to me this year.



    Hi all. I don’t post very often in here, but am always around…. I feel so frustrated, as you all do i am sure. It is just such an emotional rollercoaster ttc ! We have been trying since April, and it is just so hard every month to hope and then AF shows up. She is due today, so i am really crossing my fingers that she doesn’t show up, but i really don’t have much hope. We only managed to bd once during fertile time this month, so chances aren’t great. Every hour that AF stays away gives me just that little bit more hope though. Sticky baby dust to all of you, and congrats to all that have got your bfp’s recently !



    Hey ladies…well I O’ed today??? Last af was Jan 25th, and nothing since then except BFN’s. I am not sure what happened but awfully glad that I O’ed again and back into the tww. Now, just to wait. Sorry for everyone that had the nasty witch show up, but praying this is her last visit for at least 9 months.


    Got my positive opk this afternoon at 3pm. This is my first time using them – so how often should we bd? How many days after for our best chances?



    OMG My sister’s keeper is a tear jerker!! Loved it! BFN yesterday too 🙁 Good luck to you all with promis sounding symtoms!!!



    MamaLuvnJah – Try the shettles method.. worked for us!



    question: if i am 16 DPO should i get BFP by now if i am preggo? i have 2 kids so you think i would know this but i seriously dont remeber how early or late i tested with either of them!

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