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    im not sure if im trying to get pregnant or not but id love some helpful tips lol

    me and andy dont know what to do. where or not i should just go for it and then do my uni education a year late (id have a 4 year old and a lets guess at 1 year old by then) or if we should wait and have another kid when im a teacher, making a 10 year age gap (in reality) between Amy and a 2nd baby

    does any one have any advice about which way to do it? xxx



    hey Ladies, CD 41 today i have no idea whats going on should i test again??



    Thanks Brie, i’m only 11DPO so i think i may have tested early, if i really am not, this is the 10th month….i’m so tired of being disappointed, i know some on here have tried longer. I dont know how much of this i can take.



    your job sounds great!! haha


    6DPO – this next week better go in quick!! Have a good feeling about this month but I suppose it could all be in my head aswell lol



    no bfp for me. af arrived today. a little disapointed as i had a few symptoms ( nausea and dizzy) bf seems to think i need more iron. probly do lol. oh well there is always next mth.



    @sillymama, texxasmama and mommy2aidan: thanks alot for all the encouraging words!!! i will keep you all updated on the news.. I’m going to test monday (24th) after my nursing test and see what happens!!



    he was sweet, i would have laughed my head off if it was him! but i dont like it when people fuss, it makes me more embarassed! thank god it wasnt our first date lol!



    I suffer from PCOS and that prevented me from getting pregnant for 2 whole years. They put me on a simple drug called metformin and less than 2 months later I was pregnant! its a wonderful thing (and scary)



    see I want to know why there can’t be a gymboree for adults? or a place we can go and play tag and hide and seek and climb around on monkey bars….*remembers the good old days** 😉



    goodluck with your blood test then marieseon 🙂



    LOL, kids are adorable when they are learning to talk, thankfully I realized he wasn’t actually saying ‘sh!t’ and didn’t try to reprimand/correct him. It’s still embarrassing when in public people don’t understand that he isn’t swearing.
    Hope-n-joy, I think the truck thing would be a lot worse!



    4days late now and still bfn! I’m starting to get pissed off now, if I’m pg then gimme a damn +ve if not gimme af!!! I’m in friggin limo! Temp is still high and no sign at all of af!


    For you ladies in the UK. I just found a website that you can buy pg tests for 1.99 pounds that is sensitive to 10 mIU/mL. I think the closest we get here in the states is 25 mIU/ml. Here’s the website:



    I don’t know if any of you are like this, but I figured out that I ovulate the day of my period. I only cramp right before I come on my period, as I’m sure lots of ladies do, but when I got pregnant with my son, I had sex on the day I knew I was coming on. I started to cramp and I had sex and next thing you know, I was pregnant. It also happened about four months after my son was born.. I had sex the day of my period and got pregnant again, miscarried though… Hopefully it works this time around.. My period comes on Saturday so i guess we’ll see! Just thought I’d share…

Viewing 15 posts - 131,041 through 131,055 (of 131,346 total)

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