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    sounds like there are quite a few of us hoping for an 11/11/11 baby, my EDD could be anywhere from the 8th – 13th depending on my cycle. If I haven’t O’d already it has to be close. I am still crampy and don’t have much CM anymore.



    Yes lia, the pregnancy symptoms tend to be more intense and earlier if u are preg with multiples, this is bcuz theyre are 2 babies and double the hormones…wait 2 days and test again or wait for AF and test again if she doesnt show



    Thanks I appreciate it! I’ve learned so much from this forum already, everyone is so awesome and it’s such a great support system…I’m honestly addicted to it and I only signed up a week ago!


    Diane hun how are you ??



    God night ladies. I am off to Baby Dance… Hope all of you are able to do the same. Baby dust.. NIGHT!!!


    okay im gonna try again. and see….



    the coffee cutdown will be my biggest pregnancy challenge! i have loads in a day! i quit smoking the night before i found out i was preg with my now 2.5yo son. have had the occasional smoke since (if out drinking) but thankfully havent taken the habit up again 🙂 what goals do you ladies have for once you are pregnant?? i had a terrible last pregnancy and only gained 3lbs (already underweight so not good) so my biggest goal is to pack on the weight!! have you all thought about the labor side of things? im hoping for a vbac!!



    Good Morning ladies!! Im havin one helluva time waking up today! 1DPO today!!



    we BD this morning before my + opk-and i just got a + its 11 am..should we BD again at bedtime?


    Shellie77-mine was painful because I had blockage in my one tube (the other was removed due to a large cyst that had damaged the tube). The doctor had to inject the dye extra hard to get thru the blockage-I’ve never experienced cramps as painful as that, I actually had to tell him to stop it hurt so bad. The funny thing was I had this done in April and had my yearly exam in July, during my exam in July my doctor read the results from the test and told me my one tube was blocked and if I wanted another baby I would need to do IVF. Two weeks later I was late and took a pregnancy test (thinking I would start if I saw a negative result) and it came back positive!!!



    hey katiea, i hope u enjoy ur weekend too 🙂



    I am at work and so bored



    I am 4DPO and so far i dont think i have noticed any cramping or anything that would make me think implantation. But its still probably to early. As i have said before we didnt do this much planning with DS so this is all new and addictive LOL. I cant believe the 2WW is so hard 🙂



    lol ok keeping fingers crossed for a BFP!!!!!!



    hes going out for a few drinks in a while he will be up for it when he comes in x just gotta get my little man to sleep first x his sleeping pattern is crazy at the minute xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 131,161 through 131,175 (of 131,346 total)

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