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    Hi girls! I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this site yet! Nothing too much to report for me, CD 8 and waiting to get a positive OPK but getting some good EWCM so hopefully it’s soon. Toning down the ‘seriousness’ of TTc this month, I have been investing way too much of my emotional health into it. Just going to take hubby’s advice and enjoy the ride…it will happen when it’s meant to. Baby dust to all!



    Hi all. Today my OPK is definitely positive today. Yay!!!! Let the BD marathon continue.



    Hi ladies! First post on this forum, very excited ttc as of this month. Don’t know if it will be successful as I am still breastfeeding my 8 month old but hopefully it won’t be too long. Anyone conceive while bf? Anyhow… Good luck to all of you:)



    hmm, nunu, I’m expecting AF around then, so I’ll be your testing buddy 🙂



    CD22 today and bloody OPK is the same as yesterday, no darker, no lighter, GRRRR. Still a little crampy, so maybe it will still go def pos??? BD’d yesterday and the day before and will just have to jump hubby when he gets home today, the poor thing!



    Ouch! Happy for them though, just hard when you haven’t yet. Well maybe this is one of those ‘everything happens in 3’s’ moments;-)


    what hpt will give me the best results I have sent the hubby out for a FRER and I am gonna test in the morning if a bfn then i might have ovulated on the 2nd pos. i got on the OPK and then I will try to test again on the 28th or the 2nd i just want a bfp soooo bad



    lol thanks, yeah we tried that too and it didnt help, if my body worked maybe i wouldnt be so stressed ha



    lkdream omg thankyou so much for posting that i so needed a laugh.. loved it.. thankgoodness iam not a dad lol… really needed somthing to lift me up thanx huun



    well looks like i have missed o this month so im out. disapointed but not much i can do. good luck to everyone else!



    Good morning ladies and congrats on all the BFP’s…so exciting! Well I am 11DPO and supposed to test in 2 days. I have no symptoms what so ever. I have a feeling AF will arrive at some point. Uhhh…evil lady haha! FX this will be all of ours month! Baby Dust to you all!!



    good evening ladies…I have not been on here for a long time so I wanted to stop in and say hi to you all and send lots of baby dust!!!!


    lilpa-smommy2008 : Thanks i am just so depressed and upset 🙁 and GL to you i am taking it easy this month hope you get your positive this month



    E, anyway u could see ur doc for that reason and not preg?? cuz i know they cant know ur trying….



    Babedci- sadly, but no- that is when I’m supposedly to be ovulating…hopefully…best of luck to you!!!! F!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 131,311 through 131,325 (of 131,346 total)

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