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    oh no..mines red as…



    Hi, am trying out the box.



    Well that is good news Army!


    This site is annoying me. It went back to normal for a few days and now it’s playing up again and I can’t read all the posts grrr



    thanks ladies, I certainly don’t want to be a big downer in the forum. We will be fine, as much as it sucks, I’m glad it happened earlier then later so that we can try to just rewind back to TTC and keep moving forward.



    Thanks damnkat. Plunket nurse here today, doing her 9 month check (even though he’s now 11 months) on my son and explained a bit more about it to me. So I’m going to forgo the OPK and go by CM like I did when I got pregnant with my son. It obviously worked then lol. This will be my third try in as many months. But I feel this time is the one. Hoping for BFP’s for those that are holding out on the testing – good luck. Good luck to all the other ladies on this site. It got me thru my last pregnancy as I didn’t really have anyone else to talk to as they all had their bubs a while ago……



    LOL i saw that. We’ll be friends soon 🙂 Thanks about my boy. He’s like his daddy.



    Cassie – Sperm is meant to travel up!!! That’s their job… I’m sure back in the 1800’s – 1900’s – you didn’t see those women sitting with their ends up on a pillow or legs straight in the air!!! hahaha
    no worries hun!! 🙂 Christine – I know lol I just want it so bad that I feel I want to do anything and everything to make this our month…First month I did use the ones from that website and the past 2 months I used Target Brand, Up & Up! Mphuntley – Sorry love!! 🙁 Cuppy – Have you taken another HPT? That’s odd!! Liam – I know it could be I just have a horrible feeling!! Ughh I am so down in the dumps right now!!! I never had implantation bleeding with my daughter that I remember…so I am thinking its AF….but I would love if I was wrong!!!



    Hey girls! I am feeling really optimistic today!! I went for my consult for the IUI, They took some blood and did an ultrasound. I will be going back a week for today for more BW/US. I will probably O around the 16th or 17th so I will be going in a couple of weeks! I really really hope this will work! Positive thoughts!!



    I tested at 9 dpo, if my ovulation calculator was right. Good luck 🙂



    well hey ladies! my hcg level wnet up from 138 to 311!! so good news! i finally have nothing to worry about. thanks for your support!



    Ckar maybe you mixed the test up and what you think is the opk is really the hpt (wishful thinking) 😉



    Amanda I am in the same boat, just as well I have a good supply of OPKs and HPTs from ebay so I can pee on the OPKs until I run out or I am due to test – which ever comes first….BUT I have been thinking of peeing on a HPT even though it is definately too early lol



    yay! just ordered 30 pg tests for 9 bucks on amazon so i can test in five days: )



    Eeyore, Your timing for everything this cycle has been prefect, and post ovulation – as I mentioned before – the hormones are absolutely swirling! I am hoping you win the ‘conception lotto’ as in the end, that’s what it comes down to – I am feeling very ‘positive’ for you 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 13,306 through 13,320 (of 131,346 total)

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