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    Goodluck luvababe! My fingers and toes are crossed for you.



    omg frenchie that is so sad 🙁



    i feel you guys…bout ready to strip off my clothes…eeek



    Anyone taking clomid and experiencing weight gain? I’m on my 4th cycle and I keep inching up, about 6 lbs total. I know that doesn’t seem like much but I worked really hard to lose weight in the first place and I eat well and exercise. It’s so frustrating.



    cpalmer – I’m having some copious amounts of ewcm too, which I’m taking as a really good sign especially since Clomid supposedly dries things up. My opk yesterday was negative, so hopefully today will be positive…



    adejeitou- ive been poas 3 times a day and each day they have gotten darker and darker with how nearly fully dark it was this morn i predict i will get a good dark one tonight or in the morn.. fingers crossed yeah when i tested on day 12 was a faint pink line and now its goten slowly darker and iam day 18 today so nearly there.



    Tahlias 2 on jan 3rd.


    Liam….Congrats Happy and Healthy nine months!!!!!!!!!! Looks like the BFP train is on the move!!!!!!!



    do you think my dates add up, and if the yolk was there and the sac, its a good sign right??



    So I keep hearing about women having this lotioney cm and I’m wondering what the heck that means. Is it another sign that your pregnant? I feel like I’m kinda new to this whole ttc, so I’m not quite sure what all this means. I have been feeling a little nauceous, cramping, sensitive smell, peeing every 5 seconds and sadly today when I put on my work clothes they were a little tight. I wont be getting a visit from af til the 12 so again I’m not sure when to test or just wait it out. I hope it’s not all in my head:( please help ladies



    hey ladies. any bfp’s yet?



    hey everyone ok i am going to as camly as i can ask this….
    this morn i tested day 31 with internet cheapies and received 2 x BFP…….
    on both tests the second line came up within the 5 min and def a second line…….
    these are internet cheapies can ther be a false positve… will test again tommorow with a good brand as ive used up al my first morning wee tinkle lol…. its been over 2 and a half yrs since my miscarraige so can this be that we are pregnant??? will post a pic as soon as i can just wondering wether to trust the internet cheapies just yet???the lines are not in your face dark like the other one but i can see them and they even came up in pics fro you to have a look on my profile if anyone wants to share there thoughts…after all this time could this be my turn??do i trust cheapies?


    last one – lol….thats when im going to start driving myself crazy cuz im going to want to soo bad. When i got pregnant back in June i tested at 9dpo and got a positive so i know really that i dont have to wait till 13dpo…so maybe ill give in ahead of time if i can’t wait lol. Hmm…so I’m closely approaching 5dpo cuz its going to be 12am here soon….do you think it’s possible to have implantation at 4dpo……i have researched a long while back and it said its usually average of 6-10 days…..but i feel like it happened today….i had so much cramping going on down below and had to nap cuz i had no energy and boobs are already sore all over which usually doesnt happen till like 5 days before AF….i dont want to be one of those women though that try and associate any symptom with pregnancy…i dont know…hubby noticed how tired i was today though too and asked if i was okay…thats why im like hmm implantation?



    Katmoma Thats great! I think mommytoabi’s was lower than that!! You should message her!!



    nunu- sorry I didn’t respond I was away from the computer for a while.. but awesome, I am glad taking the soy before bed helped with the headache.. I took a tylenol with mine lastnight and woke up without a headache this morning so woohoo! LOL.. tonight is your last night of soy right?

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