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    even though i KNOW its too early to test i just took my only test and got a BFN. looks like ill have to go get some more later lol



    bummed today…Got a BFN this morning 🙁 I need to stay away from HPT’s cause everytime i take one i get bummed out…Was super crampy all yesterday and got super nauseaus last night…so i had my hopes up this morning 🙁 might take a BD break tonight…Have BD’d for 12 days straight and i need a night off lol…Baby dust to all



    eeyore – i have still had some watery cm too, and i o’ed 2 days ago


    Omg weber congratssss. Maybe go get some bloodwork to ease ur mind? There’s soo many BFPs, congrats to you all xxx



    gill – have fun! That’s one of my all time favs!!! I wish I could be snuggled up at home watching Pretty Woman instead of being stuck at work! 😉 Enjoy yourself!



    Congratulations @ Charmed & @Prfectpear and @candila glad you are ok. I was almost in a head on collision last time I was pregnant, sometimes wondered if that’s what made my eggie stop growing. Didn’t miscarry till 5 weeks later but I think that’s around the time mine was lost. Hope that the accident knocks yours into place too, like deep into the uterine lining.



    WOW….I have never felt my cervix so well before…..I know that ‘supposedly’ that means AF is soon approaching…..if that’s the case she needs to HURRY UP! I’m tired of waiting and wondering. I’m taking Blach Cohosh with 150 mg of Soy….suppose to be helpful in regulating your hormones and all. I’m also on day 4 of Vitex and False Unicorn…..I just want to be a mommy too…..please, oh please, AF work with me here. Sticky BABY DUST to ALL!



    Amanda, that is a sign. I had that. It is an early sign too! Good luck! Congrats to all the ladies with BFPs. I think we missed it this month. I just have a feeling. bD only two times.


    crazy… they are adorable but can drive you up the wall. I can’t tell you how many things my kids have destroyed . Cds , makeup, wasting my favorite foods, breaking a 25 dollar wine glass (a couple weeks ago when my son decided to go in my hutch and pile all my fragile glasses on the couch) etc etc etc….but we still love the little shits and want more…lol


    Wow lily ur ‘implantation dipl is a huge drop isn’t it!!! WOW! Did u have any symptoms?



    Well, since this cycle bites the dust I am enjoying a nice camp fire and wine right now…probably not the best choice but relieving none the less!



    mummy to jude- OMG Congratulations!!!!!! It has been a long time coming, you deserve it so much!!!! Wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months, I’m sooo excited for you xoxoxo



    seriously! i want to test and then i dont…… *sigh*



    Hi ladies!
    @ebbunny, thank you for your comment, it does not make me feel better though LOL as I wish we all have super short cycles if they are not going to be productive. The wait is just awful and if is not normal to have such a long cycle, it makes me wonder what can wrong and so on. I’m glad it finally came. I started charting this month for the first time and will continue my OPKs which help me out greatly last cycle. I’m also taking Fertilaid and FertlCM, I’m all geared up! I can not take again 4 years TTC as with my first, and he deserves a little brother or sister now. So good luck everyone, you ladies are always in my thoughts and prayers. Let’s clean up this TTC forum all at one and let’s move to the weeklies. Have a great day!



    Gotta go watch ‘True Blood’ – yup, I’m an HBO and Showcase, AMC series lover!! True Blood, Dexter, Mad Men – love ’em!

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