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    diane, that sounds like how my cycle went, i was so excited to be trying soy that my cycle seriously inched by, 34 days down and 4 days to go!!!



    I have a question for you ladies that are used to tracking CM. I have always had a lot of CM (wear a panty liner daily throughout entire cycle–sorry if TMI!) I had some really light pink mixed in with CM on Sunday (21st) and have had what seems to me like EWCM ever since. We have BD multiple times with only a day off at the most. I still have what I think is EWCM! How long is this supposed to last? I’m sure DH doesn’t mind the BD, but I’ve been exhausted the last couple of days and yesterday and today just haven’t wanted to do it! Ugh! I guess I just don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Is it possible to still have EWCM 6 days after spotting?



    I have missed it so much lol though its probably been good for me to be away



    @hazleyedmom- Hope a BFP comes your way soon ..ive also been having those sharp pains but on both sides at different times and heartburn… and today out of the blue.. im extremely tired,like if i close my eyes, ill be out immediately..also this crazy tapping feeling in the lower abdomen,that was strange coz it happened twice today..not sure if AF is on her way or a sticky baby..:). has anyone felt anything similar after missing AF?????



    Good morning girls! How are all of you today? I’m 12DPO and feel like AF is going to be here any second. Blah-this is getting so old!



    I disagree that digital are not sensitive. I got a BFP at 10 dpo with mid day pee using a digital my last pregnancy and nothing with a first response. a friend of mine got pregnant a few months ago and used a first response with first morning urine and got a BFN. a few hours later she figured ‘ what the heck’ and used her digital and got a BFP. I think digital are better and even a cheap answer brand gave me a BFP when a first response did not. I love the digital!



    2WW = Two Week Wait.. the time after ovulation and before your period is due to arrive…or the better alternative, a BFP 🙂



    NixSa – Sorry about the bfn:(…[email protected] Im thinking the same thing when I get my bfp, about going back to the GD diet. Ive had gestation diabetes with my last 3 pg’s and am pretty guaranteed to get it again…sarahd – FX for you! I’ve heard many women talk about the baby boom 9 months after their husbands return home:)…livanddomsmom- My cycles have always returned to normal after every one of my losses.It took a bit for the 1st AF to arrive like you said, but after that all went back to clockwork…ttcfamilylove- OPK’s can be tricky at first. I know with mine I had to use a ton in the beginning and compare them all to see what the positive actually looked like for that particular test. I also found out my positive comes SUPER LATE at night, as in after midnight, and I have a really short surge that is easy to miss…Duffy- I hear ya on trying not to time a pg to land on anothers birthday! My timing has been horrible with my pg’s. 5 of my 6 all have their birthdays about a week apart from each other and then one has hers the day after mine,lol…felishamarie24- I usually get cramping about a week after I O, and not sure why. It has definitely given me false hope before. Ive never had implantaion bleeding or cramping with my bfp’s, so Im not too familiar with it’s symptoms.FX this is a positive sign for you:)…terriann20 -YAAAYYYY!!! That is super news and congrats to you♥♥…hazleyedmom – Do you have a 28 day cycle? You are lucky to O that early! Im usually just getting over AF then,lol…cd13 here and I ‘think’ I am set to O tonight. Didnt buy any OPK’s this month, but it has always occurred right around cd13 for me, based off the tests and symptoms. Skipped BD last night though so will definitely have to catch up tonight.


    I know this is going to sound stupid but I was wondering if you can ovulate during your period?



    Ttcfamilylove- Congrats on your BFP!! Yahoo!



    thanks for all your well wishes ladies….i will let you know my blood results on Tuesday! Congrats to ‘ourspringbaby’ and all the other BFP’s out there…loads of sticky babahy dust to the rest of you ladies! xoxox



    duffy : that’s fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    boyoboy it sounds like implantation bleeding!
    and baby i hope you get your bfp real soon.
    im 15 dpo, woke up twice to urinate during the night and have bad insomnia woke up at 12:30 took and hour to fall asleep and now been up since 4 am gotta get up soon. anyways hcg at 13 dpo was 93



    Inkdoll: my opk haven’t been + until around cd15. Are you using opk or doing the every other day bd?



    I’m good, CD14 today going to give bding a miss today and go for the every other day, don’t think I’ve O’d yet judging by CM had some early signs, niggling on left side and watery CM but it hasn’t changed for a few days but not sure if my smear might of changed things down there so will keep going until the end of next week to give myself the best chance.

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