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    Hello ladies. Still no sign of AF. I’m 13 dpo and due for my period tomorrow. Took a test tonight and got a liiiiiight line but it was a blue dye so Im not convinced. I’ll be testing tomorrow on my birthday with a clearblue digital.



    CD22 with no idea if I’ve O’d yet. First month off bc so no idea of cycle length either. When would you be tempted to test?



    A question for the ones who chart- If I am waking at night and early in the morning, sometimes a couple times, would my temps be accurate to chart? I have been reading that you should take it before you get out of bed, or even talk. What do you ladies that chart think about accuracy in my case?



    Metal-Mommy – I find that it usually takes 1 cycle for vitex to start having an effect. Both times I have used it I have fallen pregnant. With my first I had hardly any symptoms, the last time I used it I knew when I had I ovulated as I had strong symptoms. It helps to regulate your hormones resulting in a stronger & earlier ovulation. Good luck



    Well, what do you think ladies? Faint positive? All my tests have looked like this, but this was the first one I could get a decent picture of. I had a blood test today and will be getting the results Friday morning.



    lilpigs- ikr! lol I am trying to just take time and breath threw this TTC thing. So to do just that we are taking a few Vegas trips in Oct to relax and enjoy each others company with out me working 2 jobs and always being on the go. lol YAY!!!



    Ladies, I posted earlier that I was weepy and emotional, well – it has continued all day! I am such a sap today, finding everything so ‘sweet’ or sad it makes me weepy! My niece gave my son a hug – I cried. If you got a BFP today – I cried. If you got a BFN today – I cried. I saw the sun setting on my drive home – I cried. My husband is colouring with my son, and they are so content together right now – and yup, here I am welling up again!! I am sure these are not pregnancy emotions – I think I am just super hormonal this month. That’s not a bad thing, but boy I am going through Kleenex like they are going out of style!



    Last night i had sharp stabbing pain on my left ovary it went a way after a minute or so and stoppedd being painful as soon as i started to move around. Im a bit worried, what could cause it? i haven’t had that pain since tho. My temp is still going up im on CD 31 and 12 DPO and my baseline temp is 97.3ish and i am at 98.4. any higher and i’ll be straight feverish! lol



    Hi all…congrats to all the BFP!! I am currently on CD 36, I thought I O’d on CD 13 so I should have started last Tuesday…nothing. So then I thought maybe it was CD 19 because that is when I normally do which would mean that I should have started this Tuesday and nothing. I have tested, and still says negative…not sure what is going on! Has anyone ever had this happen? I usually (the last 3-4 months since off the pill) had a 30-32 day cycle. Both Mondays before i thought I was going to start I was mildly cramping, lower back pain, and still nothing…help!!! TIA


    just got off the phone with clear blue and they say theres 3 possibilities

    1)i havent ovulated yet
    2)i ovulated in a short time so test never showed it and it will continue to have a blinky face unless it detects lh surge or i stop testing for 3 days
    3)i didnt ovulate this month

    only time will tell



    Jenny, I think I’m 16 days past? I’ve been following my ovulation calender but, I could be a day off. DOES THAT MATTER? I’m a little freaked out.


    Praying for you threewouldbeperfect!! Baby dust!



    Thamks heather, My period is due today, not here yet but it’s only 11am…


    mommasarah1109 bd today and the next 2 days and skip 1 day and bd again the next day. thats what the sperm meets egg plan says to do. hope it works for u!



    Okay so if someone can help me out, I’d really appreciate it. I bought my very first ovulation kit. My cycle is (I think) 28-30 days. I don’t know what days I should take the tests? And if I get a positive ovulation test, when should be BD?? I’m so overwhelmed and confused…

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