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    My son is 14 months old…I just got AF back last week…but my son still bf 4-5 times in a 24 hour span



    Kinda stressful time for me tbh lol ive been really, really fatigued the last few weeks (much better now), but my doctor put it down to my depression. Oh, and for some reason Im a 38 FF cup size (uk), despite the fact I was (only!!) a 38 E when 2 stone heavier…. Im bloated, too…. I had allot of symptoms, and thats why i tested. My doctor’s surgery don’t offer pregnancy blood tests as far as Im aware, so maybe ill book an appointment for Monday, if ive still not come on, and push for something to be done!! Thanks for the advice. xx


    I have been having achy hips the last couple of days, just like right before i found out i was pregnant in january, i had tested a week early, ended in chemical pregnancy………



    It does I’m totally addicted to this site until AF shows up, then I leave for four days and return. Hopefully I will leave ttc and move to a pregnancy forum in the near future, but I’m sure I’ll return as ladyjade does, there’s a lot of support here it’s great!



    my blood test came back negative 🙁 i figured though, my hormonal imbalncement is screwing everything up. I cant get in to see the dr until april 16th.


    ((((((BIG HUGS)))))))) to all ofyou. It has been an emotional day today, and to log on here and to read the enormous amount of support andkind words from people who I have never met is absolutley overwhelming-it has brought me to tears. It is because of your support that I am able to persevere in this wild and crazy rollercoaster. My husband just called (for the 5th time) to just say hi-I think he is just making sure Im ok. I am-Im just disapointed in yet another heartache-you know how much ‘time’ goes into each frickin cycle-fom boring cd 1 AF arrival to BD stage to the dreaded 2 ww-and to do it over and over and over and over -it seems like forever. WELLLLLLL DH just told me if I wanted tod o another fresh IVF cycle that we could!! I was so surprised he said that, so it gives me something to consider-do I REALLY TRULY want to go 100% and try this once more with the best fertility option, or just try and see what can happens over the next 3 cycles???Im excited to know I have an option- I have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Husband! If I do choose IVF-it wont be til Decembers cycle-as I am out of the country for the next 2 cycles……so I have time to really think about it!! Thanks friends, many thanks for helping through all this XX Rylan, Kendall, and Graysons Mommy XX



    See heres the thing im usually very anal about my seatr belt but for some odd reason i wasnt wearing it im still trying to figure out why so no i have no bruising from a seat belt


    LOVING-A definite definite definite LlINE!!!!



    Man, trying to get pg is like a full-time job and trying to conceive is like an interview. I am still hopeful that a miracle can happen to me at this point in time.



    *baby dust fairy comes and sprinkles all of you*



    Lisey – it’s possible to miss your surge, especially if you test at the same time every day. has lots of info on OPK’s and missing your surge. Let’s say you tested at 2pm on Monday and got a line but still negative, but by 4pm your surge happens and lasts until 1pm on Tuesday. When you test at 2pm on Tuesday you see a faint line again. You’ve missed your surge!



    kalsmommy~~it could be implantation bleeding!! Good luck!!



    Sarah- yesterday morning I figured I didn’t have the energy to BD and I would just not even try (Getting discouraged by TTC) but thankfully last night I was up for it and so was DH. I’m sure we will get a chance again tonight 🙂 How are things with you?



    weegee- That’s what I did with my daughter. I only took one pregnancy test and that was when AF was late and I was almost 5 weeks. With my son, however, we were really ttc and I got a BFP 5 days before AF was due.



    yup. the higher my highs the lower my lows.

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