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    aubree, they have checked them twice. The first time it was 1604 and 4 days later they were 7900 (that was Tuesday). They have not been checked since then. The doctor pretty much presented me 3 options- 1) let the body attempt to pass it on its on, 2) a d&c, and 3) a vaginal medication that will induce contractions. I opted out of 3 right away and was mulling over the first two. Right now I’m leaning towards natural and waiting.



    Rach…oooo im flat bang out at work today, we are moving premisese and it is S.T.R.E.S.S.F.U.L.L!!! I dont really know what to do now, if I have nothing at the w/end then i will test again, then if i get bfn and still nothing will go and see the dr! Now im panicking im having early menopause!! Do you have symptoms yet? how are you feeling in general?



    hey all! i’m 10 dpo, in the dreaded 2ww… Im on my first round on clomid for my 4th and final child. I have history of very low progesterone. But day 21 draw was 12.1 which my doc was very happy with. Really hoping I dont have to do several months of clomid like i did to get my ds. Im gonna poas wednesday which is also me and my husbands 11 year anniversary. Wish me luck! and baby dust to all!



    thank you so much, I am just so happy!!!!!! BIG SHINY BEAUTIFUL BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!



    13dpo – testing tom. i have no symptoms so idk! Happy Birthday Clara and sorry about your early AF – hope you have a nice day though! xx Loopy good luck for your days of testing ahead haha 🙂


    I thought that since we had not had a topic in a while, I would ask, Do you have Thanksgiving traditions. And forgive my ignorance for any of you ladies outside of the United States, do you celebrate anything similar?

    As far as my families traditions. We have two sets, one when we visit family and one when family visits us. When we visit family… I always make an apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. The rest of the family divies up the rest. We usually eat about 3pm and continue eating for the rest of the day with a few naps in between. When family comes to my house (like this year). I’ll make a couple of turkey breasts, stuffing, turkey gravy, spinach casserole (my kids favorite), green bean casserole, candied yams, twice baked potatoes, plus a pumpkin and pecan pie (my great, great, great grandmother’s recipe). My in-laws will fix a broccolie casserole almost guaranteed. My MIL and I will clean up afterwards while the kids go play games and the men take naps. Oh almost forgot, we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in the morning. Then it’s leftovers the next day after we all complain we ate too much



    kimkayb, i did that before and it was A LOT cheaper. i just didnt think about it in time, i got the pee stick fever too soon!!!!



    Nikki….. I would suggest a test…. can’t hurt – and does sound possible from what you describe


    Well after getting a visit from af, sounds like you deserve a glass of wine! :0)



    Res- I feel you pain…OMG didn’t know you were going to do shots. First let me tell you that I faint every time I get blood out. Needles are my worse phobia. I’m on BC now so my AF is due on thanksgiving day Nov 27 than I go to do the Vaseline US as well and start shots for 10 days. Girl I cant even sleep of panic, so I definitely understand that pain you are going through…! I still don’t know if I will do it my self or hubby…but I do know that it will be hard. The only think I keep in mind is that “there is always sun after the storm meaning God is watching and hopefully I truly believe that he will grand us a little miracle. I’m scared to death but I will do it all to have a baby in my arms…Is time don’t you think…! Are you doing Insemination or IVF????????????? By the way Happy Friday All



    Thanks, Midwest. Same to you! It looks like we will be testing around the same time!



    i eat a lot, and dont seem to put weight on, i thought after having Caden id have to eat healty 24/7 and no be able to eat anything fatty, but im bit bigger now, im size 10/12 but i can still eat most of what i want, and not gain weight,



    saraliz3g ~ I would bd as much as much as you can that way you know you wont miss it!!! GOOD LUCK!!!



    cd 40…ugh



    I am checking in after a looooong day of shopping (not the fun kind… groceries, etc) and work – and YAY for BFPs! CONGRATS LADIES!

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