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    caz – go to ‘edit profile’, click on the image and hit the delete button.



    pheonix – I am now in the wait too! and sooo very impatient! I have been trying to distract myself but its very hard! when do you test?



    Hiya every one, my names angel. just a quick question, i’m 10 DPO and took a clearblue digital test today and it said not pregnant, im due on on monday do you recon i took it a bit too early? i’v been having the mild cramps and dizzyness ect… but i’m not sure if im feelin them more because i think i’m pregnant lol, thanks girls x


    Thank you hopefully3!



    hey ladies i have a question and i realy dont want to offend anyone by asking….. i get its hard waiting and all that in your 2ww but why do some ladies test so ealry when they know its to early. why not wait till a couple days b4 af is due at least.. so much can go wrong between impaltntaion and af a lot of ladies loose there babies at this time. so iam just wondering why test way to early… iam asking this as i would like to know not offend anyone.



    I don’t know if DH is, but I am worried about the economy. I am planning to graduate in May (pending that I get my internship) and DH is graduating in 2011. We just purchased a house but have a fixed interest rate, so we are ok until we go to refinance.



    Congrats fds!!!



    LMAO $3??? hahahaha



    Thanks яεgαη αη∂ вrσσкℓyηs мσ�!! Good luck to you too!! :o)



    rydersmomma–Don’t count yourself out yet!!!!! I think your chart looks great. I don’t remember having that many symptoms at 8dpo. The main thing I had was headaches at that point. I know those 2ww’s are hard, trust me I had 15 cycles of them 🙂 Be positive!



    ok well my little man is 4 months old am still bf i was just wonder if it was posible to fall pregnant as i am so tired moody after i stopd bleeding after birth 4 weeks later i got my period it lasted 3 weeks an now nothing when i have sex it hurts reall bad around my curvix and utarus i checked my curvix an it is closed is kinda high an hard and i have had quiet abit c/mucus i am confused i havnt been to the doctors yet but was wondering if has ever experianced this after birth



    lol mendy! i hide mine too! lol



    Lady Godwin if the insurance says you need doctors approval and the doctor is saying no then you should ask why she/he is saying no, if they are valid reasons maybe you can look into ways to make your next section more accommidating.


    I see Santa came early for a few of you! Congrats on your early Christmas gifts! woo hoo! And good luck to us New Years testers (testing next month) baby dust to all**********************DH and I will be going to his company Christmas dinner tonite. It will be our 2nd time out in 2008 without the kids. Ya, we don’t get out much, we are lucky to find a babysitter! Luckily a friend and I will swap off. I told her if she would watch my 3 tonite, I would watch her 4 in return. I baby sat hers before plus my 3, it was crazy, but I survived! I gotta run! Good luck to everyone testing today or tomorrow! : )



    Aww rachel, poor you, I’m so sorry to hear that! Its so hard to stay motivated when the process is so long and frustrating. Everytime you feel like giving up just remember how amazing you’ll feel when you finally get that BFP you long for. It will all be worth it in the end hon x

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