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    I don’t even know when i ovulate, i finished my period about 4 days ago. So i think i’m going to just have sex everyday till i get my period or don’t get my period.



    Kendora, you are better off just taking a good prenatal. By taking the prenatal and a multi you are likely just peeing out the majority of the extra vitamins that your body does not have the ability/need to absorb. There is also stuff you don’t want to take too much of, and if you take a multi and a prenatal, you might be getting too much (selenium, iron, etc) I do take extra folic acid, vitamin D, C and B complex. Also Omega-3. Even with taking a munti and a prenatal I would not be getting the optimal dose of those extra vitamins, so I add them seperately.



    @momof2- Thank you VERY much for that article! I found it very helpful! All you ladies that use digi tests should read this! @amber,Christine,and luv2b- I just went and took another test..used a cup this time and got another ‘not pregnant’ result 🙁 and didn’t see the 2nd line this time. I really don’t understand whats going on w my body. I had the same problem earier this year..since Jan I’ve only had 2 Afs..OBGYN had to give me Provera to make AF come in April. I’m thinkin there maybe something wrong w my reprodictive system..guess he’ll have to get more invasive and see whats up w me..Yay..



    thank you!!…well i hope this a sign that i will get a BFP!!!…i can actually test today but decided to wait so i told my hubby not to get me one yesterday…so he is pickin me up a test or 2 tonight!!so im keepin my fingers crossed!!! 🙂 i guess ill test in the morning…come on BFP!!!!



    Keep the BFP’s 32 so far, December is a great month!!! Loads of baby dust!!!!



    7dpo little pain on lower left side. Only symptom!



    Hi ladies. I have been shadowing this website since Nov 08 when I found out I was expecting. Unfortunately my DH and I M/C our baby on DEC 3rd (w/D&C) and I couldn’t bear to kick my habit 🙂 so I have been grieving, laughing &crying and also celebrating with u all silently since then. Hugs to the recent BFNs–Congrats to all recent BFP’s and blessings to those in the 2WW. But just wanted to send a special shout out to those in LIMBO like me!
    I mentioned before we M/C on Dec 3rd. If I was going to have a normal AF is shld have been here around Dec 30th or so. I don’t expect a normal AF actually but DH and I have been BDing all month (nope we didn’t wait or protect!) anyway to make an already long post longer….I’ve had no AF yet and all my left over EPT’s say BFN…so here we are! BTW here is some background– I have a 6yo DS from a previous relationship. WE just got married in Aug. But have been actually actively TTC since FEB. This is my 2nd M/C in the last 2 years and since I will be 42 in FEB its become an urgent concern for us. Anyone wanna dance the LIMBO with me?? I could use some encouragement. I dearly miss PGnacy and would love to bring tears to my DH eyes again with good news…but I think my missing AF is due to hormone adjustment and that my sore bbs and nausia is wishful thinking. I am normally regular like ticktock (even after my last M/C w/D&C) but what do u wise women think??



    1) Do you have a child already? Yes, two. 2) How long to conceive? 2-3 months both tims 3) How long have you been trying for 3rd? 2 months 4) Age? 22 5) Is AF regular? Nope. Had to adjust # 3.



    I craved potatoes (prepared anyway), tortilla chips with salsa (one of the ways I knew I was having a boy before the ultrasound) and chicken salad sandwiches when I was pregnant with my DS. Supposively if you crave sweets through your pregnancy you’re having a girl. I know, I know so many wives tales, but this is one I kind of believe because I was anti sweets with my DS, I probably went almost my entire pregnancy without touching chocolate!


    Would love to be in your shoes right now 🙂 x Have a great weekend!



    Abigails mommy: I thought I was due to O yesterday, but it is actually today. So my 2ww starts tomorrow!



    I am 10 DPO today and I tested positive but I am not going to get excited until I am late because I have gotten positives before and then got my period.



    what time zone are you Cloe?



    Amym: From your low temps it could be an indication that you have hypothyroidism. Have you had your TSH checked lately? Did you notice any EWCM on the days you got the darker line on OPKs? Your body could be getting ready to ovulate but just not quite there yet. If you see three consecutive days of higher temps than the six days prior to temp rise, that could be an indication that you O’d.



    Hi all, I just started going to a fertility clinic. I was wondering if anyone else is following this route.

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