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    Congrats sking!! How exciting 🙂


    So my MIL called this morning out of nowhere she is buying baby stuff. she knows we are trying but has never done this b4 . maybe its a good sigh.LQTMS


    katiea..any new news on a bfp or bfn?


    I have a question for you ladies. I had some spotting on Saturday night and Sunday night only when I went to the bathroom. There was nothing today but now I seem to have a little bit more blood. this is nothing like when I have AF. Also I have had to have provera to have AF and this past month I was on clomid. the pg test was BFN but I was wondering if I count Saturday as CD1 or do I count today as CD1?



    goodluck babybum!



    also good luck ladies who are TTC!!!! and Congrats on ladies who have conceived!!!! Hopefully we will be all joining the pregnancy weeks soon!



    emma… i cant watch xfactor anymore. i just watch the results. I liked it when they used to do the show on a saturday and then show the results a few hours later. But I love, love, love cher! I think she is awesome. Most ppl dont agree with me… I also love mary and rebecca. Im from liverpool, too so i am supporting the only scouser and she had a cracking voice! who do you supprt?



    yea maybe, it just sucks waiting. i hate it :p



    @katie – I hate it when the posts don’t post – especially when I’ve typed it on my iphone, taken forever and then it doesn’t show up!!! Arghhh! I really hope your cycle sorts it self out soon, keep us posted on the results from the docs xxx



    lol yeah. I’m sure with my stress right now I am not pregnant and if I was I’m sure this stress is not healthy.. when are you due to test??



    TTCourFirst – yay for BFP!! Have a great 9 months ahead!



    Wow! way to go laura! thats awesome 🙂 now all u need is a BFP to go with that great cycle lol



    chastity-are you taking your temps at the exact same time everyday? If you are, then I don’t know. Some times temps are just erratic. Mine were this month so who knows.



    Ahh ok im just getting soo worked up! i have a headache now from starin at the test strip too much! gotta take the garbage out NOW! lol (its just evap lines, just evap lines, just freakin evap lines!)



    I think I will, there’s no more spotting from a few hours ago.. My body is being so mean.. I’ve actually started joking about it to my DH now! Gotta laugh or I’ll cry!

Viewing 15 posts - 13,696 through 13,710 (of 131,346 total)

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