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    C they are stored on the memory card but the only way i can put pics up is to transfer them from the memory card to a folder on my laptop i need a good sort thru of what needs to go on my laptop and free us some space



    so I tried to hold back but ended up testing this evening & got a BFN…although its pretty early yet…I am 10 dpo today…I am not sure how sensitive the test is either…I got a 20 pack on & it says early pregnancy test on package but not sure how early means…but my temp has been elevated for the second evening in a row tonight so not sure if that means anything??? up to 99.3 right now & last time I found out I was prego my temp got up to 100.1 on 10 dpo so I dunno…what does everyone think?



    cpalmer – I would be dying of impatience! Personally, if it popped up within the time frame I would go ahead and test again tomorrow just to see if you get the same result. It might not be any darker, but if it’s a line you can definitely see within the time frame and you get it two days in a row, I’d go ahead and call the doc for a beta.



    just bought a 10 pack of 10miu strips..LOL now i can POAS for the next few days 🙂 should be here tomorrow 🙂



    haha DS – I love that you ate Lucky Charms, I don’t feel so lame now, DH and I eat Lucky Charms almost daily, totally the cereal of choice, and we don’t even have any kids we can blame it on 😀



    marieseon– I’ll probably test on Monday. I will for sure keep you posted! Im just thinking that I’ve im not pregnant, there is something wrong with me!! lol I should not being feeling like this if im not pregnant!



    Goodmornin ladies! Good luck to all those Oing 🙂 BD, BD,BD oh and when in doubt, BD some more! lol



    soz ryders & ref about AF coming 🙁 heres to another month… cd 11 so HOPEFULLY ill O soon…..thanx ref, had a nice bath there while dd & dh were napping so i feel a lot better, goin to my sis in laws tonight for dinner 🙂



    Ok sorry for all the tmi but maybe u guys can help me! i went to use the bathroom and took out my tampon (after about an hr) and there was brown/pink CM but not much! i also checked my CP, its high soft and closed….if this was AF wouldnt it be open? what are the chances of implantation at 11dpo? i had a .1 degree dip in my temps this morning, what do u think, do i still have a chance?? thanks


    wanna.. ya that a long cycle . This is the first time it’s happened right? How long have you been TTC?



    i dont think i am. my boobs started hurting yesterday so im sure ill start af soon. you would think after two rounds of clomid something would happen.


    Member, we are totally snowed in! We got a few feet of snow within the last couple days!
    Perfect time to snuggle up and BD! 😉
    I’m getting sooooo frusturated…I’ve beeing using OPK’s and I have yet to get a postive, there’s a second line but it’s not as dark as the surge line…so hopefully I get it within the next couple days!



    Arlz, thanks for the input.



    Cd 11…we Bd at noon…its now 8 and i just went to the bathroom and wiped and its a ton of you think its still from bd even though that was 8 hours ago?



    How exciting, mommymelissa!!! Like Arlz asked, do you have a plan to tell him? I was so shocked when I got my BFP, I ran down the stairs with the test, not able to talk, with apparently a blank look on my face. He looked at the test and goes ‘Are you ok?’ and didn’t know what to say since I was just standing there with tears in my eyes. I was excited, we were trying, but I had a BFN 2 days before, so I thought I was out. I wish I had a cute way to tell him. lol

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