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    Congrats Loopy and Luv2be – how long have you been trying? wishing you both a H&H 9 months!!



    Man DH almost got punched out! I heard a thud and went to make sure DS1 didn’t fall out of bed and dh was hiding in the dark of ds room and jumped out at me! I screamed swung and charged until I realized it was him! Mofo scared me! He thought it was funny but said I almost got him across the face! I told him I’m glad just to know if someone was to attavk me id fight!



    kamo, I’ve had the same questions, and almost everyone I’ve asked who have had 3 or more have said that going from 1 to 2 is the hardest…2 to 3 isn’t nearly that bad. Good news for us, right? 🙂



    I have had a lot of mid-cycle bleeding today. I believe that it is ovulation bleeding. Does anyone else spot during ovulation? I read that it can be normal but I am still kind of concerned that something is wrong….



    good luck avenue, I wish i could be so sure


    just droppin in from week 30. mommytoabi- i had a dream about getting my BFP just before i actually got it (like a day or two before) except my pos had like 8 lines instead of 2 LOL. i never got my bfp with the internet test even after getting my BFP on store bought. they’re nice cuz their cheap so you can go POAS happy but for getting an actual result i don’t trust them……. i had a BFN at 9DPO with a First Response digi (it was my b-day and i wanted to know if i was safe to drink) then got a BFP 1-2weeks on a Clear Blue digi at 11DPO and like i said i had what looked my like an evap line on the internet cheapies the morning of 11DPO…………shaking the baby dust tree over all of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Well I am off to Tiernans FIT WELL appt. We’ll see how much longer he will have to wear his plagiocephaly helmet. I hope he is almost done!! But now I am off to brush my teeth for the 4th time today! I can’t get this nasty filmy taste out of my mouth! YUCK!



    momtoAbi…i think taking a break from this site and the constant worrying over ttc is a great idea. Please keep us posted when it’s comfortable for you…but most importantly, take care of you…the whole you!



    hi tiffyy 🙂



    Kait – I would def test again!! 🙂 Cassie – That would be too funny!!!






    August baby- If you are due on Aug 29th then you will be ovulating today or tomorrow. The earlier part of your cycle can be any length but the leutal phase (after ovulation) is around 14 days. I sometimes have mid cycle bleeding for no reason. If you are ttc tonight would be a good time to do the deed GL!



    thanks ladies! that’s true I don’t miss the stress, but I miss charting and POAS and coming here to analyze everything every step of the way haha! princess – things are good, not feeling super duper, but not feeling all that bad either so not complaining…. much 😉


    CD 25 …. and 10 dpo …. very crampy today … not sure if its a good thing or just af ready and waitting … testing Monday !


    sowright – you tested again then? BFP for sure? I HOPE SOO!!! Let us see pics!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 13,801 through 13,815 (of 131,346 total)

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