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    I have no idea whats going on with me. I feel pregnant, but I keep getting negs. Its not my first time around, so know exactly how my body responds. My boyfriend actually noticed over the weekend my bb were bigger. I am NOT a busty girl at all. Hes military and stationed out of state so I only see him every two weeks right now. I woke up with burning in my belly and smelled something weird ar the grocery store and actually felt sick..yet i keep testing neg…I dont get it….



    oh snap….hahaha i dont need any of that stuff 🙂 duhhh….i must still think im ttc….


    CD 10…nothing new to report . We are just trying tyo BD as much as possible. Sorry for the stupid AF’s, and good luck to those waiting on those BFP’s!!!



    cazz – It’s weird with the OPKs. My OPK today was BLANK! But I got BFP on a FRER. I wonder what it will be like tomorrow?



    wow, it works. Congrats morrisoncara



    After a year of TTC, there should be no reason why your doctor would not begin testing. There are answers, and the great news is the majority of reasons for infertility are treatable!



    You know you need to talk to your DH about all the tricks of ttc when after you BD you stick your butt up in the air and your husband looks at you like you’ve lost your mind! Happened last night. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t explain. I’m on CD 24…OPK’s are starting to get darker. Hoping I get that positive soon. Going to BD as much as possible this week just to play it safe.


    Arctic the only advice i can give you is greive. I know you want to be strong and say it is okay but if deep down you need to cry PLEASE do. I lost mine when i was almost 20 weeks and I kept telling myself and everyone else that it was okay that I was fine. Well, months after the loss it hit me like a brick wall and it was horrible. Stay strong deep inside but if you need to talk or cry PLEASE do so….if you dont I envy you!!! I’m such a crier….keep your hopes up and you will get your sticky baby


    Hey ladies I’ve posted a pic in my photo albums on the 2nd page, it looks blury on my phone and I’ve never had a pos opk could u let me know what u ladies think or why I’ve never had a positive! This opk is what I get every opk!



    ewww…lachicha…i can’t even imagine!!


    alicia I am in the same boat I was 12dpo (i think) yesterday and BFN…. I was really hoping that in trying for baby #3 we would have it easy but I guess Dh and I have to work at it every time ! I am just hoping that it doesnt take 15 months like DS #1 ….. I really dont want them 4 and 6 years apart ..




    I would also like to add that the last couple of days I’ve been on a cleaning rampage which might be the result of my feeling drained today. I’ve also been gassy but that could be a result of just about anything I guess. Also, cervix is still high. I can reach it with my index finger if I try, but it still is high and seemingly hidden. This is my month, this is my month! It has to be! I MC in June and was 5 weeks behind my sister. Now she is H&H in her 7th month and due on her birthday. So this HAS to be my month, becuase baby will be born in my birth month =)



    Good news sarah!! fingers crossed its smooth sailing from here on in!! 🙂


    2dpo today….nothing much to report. Nipples still tender and im having creamy CM but thats it. Congrats to the BFP’s!!!! Im testing on October 15. When is everyone else’s test dates?

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