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    ‎(part two) I would like to co-create a book with others that will hopefully inspire….give hope….give strength to make it each day through thier own journeys. I want to hear other peoples stories of thier journeys and publish a book of infertlity stories. I belong to various support groups (have done so for 6 years) and have received 23 ‘journies’ already. If you are interested in joining my project, and allow me to share such stories with others (I found my very outspokeness and passion to share my personal over the years has brought such great joy, and strength to myself and others) that you may be interested in doing the same. You can email personally at [email protected] and we can further discuss any details from there.



    lol cherry, same here!! i love it!! its like i cant stop tho, if i have a little then i always want more, im such a sucker for food haha i have no control over what i eat anymore its sad really, im starving all the time :/



    Well I think I just got my BFP! I took a FRER test after church today and there’s a faint line. I took one this morning with FMU and there was only a ghost line if I held it at the right angle. I just couldn’t help myself this afternoon though, I knew there was something weird with that morning test so after holding my pee all morning… I took another and sure enough….I’m gonna retest in a day or two though just to be sure.



    we have a lot of testers friday:) hopefully we got a lot of BFPs!



    Sorry for the bfn seansmom. Rachel I tested yesterday at 12 dpo and it was super faint and then this morning at 13dpo it was obviously positive. It all depends on how soon after ovulation the egg implants and every person and each pregnancy is different.



    ummmm i just made some bread in my bread machine, the house smells soooo good



    Weber & Lindsey – Congrats! Happy 9 months to you both!



    nunu, hope u get a pos soon 🙂


    good luck wendy i hope for u it was just to early to test, and dawn i also have pre-seed ready for this month 🙂 wooohooo.. and a huge congrats too PRFECTPEAR 🙂 x



    Tbt fathers day is in 4 days.



    ilybaby….that is good news. I hope she doesnt show her face. @Blessed…thanks hun! —-yesterday was the worst CD1 ever. It felt like my body was clearing uterine lining from my hip bone and thigh bone. I didnt even have a pain killer on me. By the time I got home I did everything to get son in bed as quick as I could. Then it back fired and he was up as long as I was up. But I am fine now so back to the normal cycle , I think.



    Thanks amanda. If we have that still can’t decide weither it be lily-ella or lily ella



    I haven’t been on here in a few weeks things get really crazy with school and such…Congrats to all the BFP’s boos to all BFN and AF…Sorry for your loss dmm…Fingers crossed for everyone a BFP soon…as for me no af yet but I expect her any day now…my cycles are irregular anywhere from 26-32 days and the 16th will be 32 days so I’m not gonna worrry about it till probably sunday because I’m pretty sure I O late anyway. Fingers crossed for all who are testing soon and sitcky baby dust to all!!!


    It’s back to TTC for me…. turns out April wasn’t our month after all. I ended up having a chemical pregnancy, which sucks, but I am optimistic about trying again. Hopefully May will be our month.



    Blondeone Im almost 5 weeks.. lmp feb 22 and I have severe heartburn.. I say test

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