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    Okay, I am on 3DPO and having some bad cramping. It’s too early for cramping for AF, so it’s making me wonder. It’s probably just gas or something. 🙂



    well, AF showed her face exactly when I went in the doctors office. but on the up side? I got clomid! so excited, it worked second cycle with noah, and I think only reason it didn’t the first one was because we didn’t time it right! woo.



    Alicia…I’m glad to know that my DBF and I aren’t abnormal!! Well I told him he should be pleased I wanted to BD with him, we do it like every other day when ever not just cuz we’ve been TTC. I asked him if he’d noticed I stopped asking and he said he has but he just asks me now as often as I asked him!! LOL! Men! What would we do without them!!



    Hi all. Just joined so thought i would introduce myself. I am from South Africa, and trying for baby #3. I have 2 boys at the moment, but would love a little girl, although another boy would be just as great. Just went off the pill, so this is the first month of our TTC journey. I am hoping to fall pregnant by the end of this year, but knowing how long it took to get my other 2 boys i am going to try not to get all sad if it doesn’t happen immediately.



    Morning, cd31 13dpo and my temp went back up .1 af is due tomorrow and my temps are still high so fingers crossed I took my last test yesterday and was a bfn. Ill add my chart soon.



    @ lil-pigz: thanks for the response. I think I will buy a different brand of tests tomorrow and see what saturday brings. 🙂 I’ll keep you all posted



    THANKS WANT2BEMOM. oops sorry didnt know caps was on



    Well I snuck off and bought some tests yesterday. Four to precise and every single one of them was BFN. Yep. I caned 4 tests in one day – though I have my reasons.. Namely that on both days I found I was preg with ds2 and dd3 my FMU teste negative then a mid day, no hold sample came back obvious BFP.. So I kinda hoped… I’m 8-12DPO today, but I’m going to assume I O’d on CD14 and call it 8DPO – so wasted a small Âortune testing waaaaaaay to soon. My tests won’t arrive until the 8th either as I forgot it was a bank holiday this Monday. The suspense is killing me.. I was looking as prams yesterday, I think I chose.. Though I do love my bugaboo, it’s done two kids, though I could always buy new wheels and bits and pieces to freshen it up and a new fabric set IF I got a BFP.. Ah man… Really want a BFP this week or its off to the docs for some form of BC and revisit this in a few years… Which isn’t too bad, we’re on the same page at least in terms if wanting a baby at some point.. Is there anything more flattering than your man choosing you above ALL other women to grow and mother their child?! I think not.. 🙂



    good afternoon ladies how is every one this evening? congrats on all the BFP’s today. hope everyones weekend is starting off well. im gonna do a live test in the morning and im very very nervous even though its not time for me to test yet. my day to test isnt till wednesday but what the heck might as well try tomorrow haha. i feel like such joy right now my son and i went to my moms house and he walked for a good 2 hrs or so non stop it almost made me cry my little man is not so little anymore 🙁 hes growing up so fast. well ill talk to all you ladies tomorrow i just wanted to say hi and wish me luck with tomorrows HPT. lots of baby dust to all



    Cocoloco. I’m using frer. My temps go down the days leading to AF. So they are high lately and a are staying high



    midwest – thanks girlie. when are you supposed to test?



    misty eyes – it could show pregnancy, but don’t forget there can always be a 2nd line on an OPK, as you always have a certain amount of LH in your body,so best bet it to use a pregnancy test. I hope it is a BFP for you!



    Good Morning! Does anybody remember me?



    Best of luck luv2teach xx



    Singinghide, have you ever had your progesterone levels checked after ovulation? Lots of women ovulate, but their progesterone is too low, and the egg just does not implant. On the other hand, it could just be a case of the sperm having a hard time getting to the egg! (Make sure your partner is doing the basic stuff to help his sperm supply, like wearing boxers, take men’s multi-vitamins, etc) Some doctors will start looking into reasons pregnancy is not happening at the 6 month mark… others prefer to wait a year… I started looking for answers very early on, and I find if you are willing to push for answers, your doctor is usually happy to oblige and at least offer blood work. Good luck!

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