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    yay I love visitors! we are in Richmond (right outside London).



    oh and on the soft cups they are called ‘instead’ they wont get lost trust me… they are rather large, in my anatomy anyway.



    boyoboy – Don’t lose hope for the cycle. When I was ttc my son I had IUI done. I went in a week after IUI to get my progesterone levels checked. The levels were high enough to show that I did ovulate, but not high enough to sustain a pregnancy. They did a trans-vaginal ultrasound and discovered the follicles were too stimulated to give me a booster progesterone shot. Instead they gave me Prometrium and had me use it as a vaginal suppository twice daily. The nurse told me that I shouldn’t lose hope for that cycle and almost in the same breath told me that next cycle they would start me on the Prometrium directly after IUI. So I was pretty bummed and thought it wasn’t my month, but it turned out it WAS my month and today I have Darwin to show for it! 🙂 As long as they can recover your progesterone, it isn’t too late!



    Does anyone know if it is normal to bloat and cramp during ovulation? I think I am o today and I have a chart on FF but I don’t know how to post it. Any advice?



    Make sure you are not lifting anything heavy just incase you get hat BFP at the weekend. I am sure you are either pg or have delayed AF rather than the menopause. You are only young! No symptoms I can honestly say are pg related. I have stomach ache which is a bit weird, its like a stabbing pain in my belly button??? other than that nothing 🙁 I am going on the belief I am not preg,it makes it soooooooo much easier to get through the 2WW……go on body prove me wrong!!! hehe Lannie08 – I have put my comment, its really a decision only you should make x



    Is anyone else’s AF Late? Mine was due yesterday but I tested and go a negative… 🙁 I have heartburn, sore BBs and the works!


    swimmerbelly…I got my last af the night before you so hope fully we will get our bfp the same time this month. although I am supposed to be showing signs of ovulation nearing..I am dry as a bone!! argh!!! I know taking the vit b6 last month hass evrything to do with my cycle is off this month. I am optomistic though if we do conceive I will be able to find out by the 27 of this month. goodluck:) I used the strips a few months back, they worked great, just nothing great happened beyond that 🙁



    i was waiting for that correction, i was like huh???? LOL


    Thanks sparky, I actually read your blogs, so sorry you had to go through this time and time again, so much effort and time and money goes into it, its discouraging . I just failed my first ivf cycle and just started #2 yesterday, so I guess its just a waiting game now. We now at least know what tthe problem is, so hopefully by adding ICSI it may help a bit. Best of luck to you, it will happen.


    Is anyone else putting up their legs after BD in hope it helps to TTC?



    Quick question cd1 is full day or spotting day?


    I’m scared I’ve had sex the past 5 days except lastnight. Supose to O on the 24/25th. I hope pre-seed helps me



    I’m Rh +


    according to all the calendars, I should O tomorrow, should I take an OPK today to check for surge? It was negative yesterday, I only have one test left and dont want to buy more. But, we have BD’d every night this week so hopefully that will be good enough!



    Lucky ~ Will you be able to have them once the baby is born?

    Rach ~ I send my BF off everyday with one, but the funny bit of it is he has a Tradis lunch bag LOL! He loves it (his 36!) hahaha. Before that he had a Scooby Doo one LOL!

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