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    Congratz Sofeesmom!!!!! Have a safe and happy 9 months!



    I’m so glad DH and I both like football. Yesterday was my birthday, but I chose to stay home and watch football. DH and I will go out for a nice dinner sometime this week. That first game yesterday was great, but last night was a snoozer. I’m a diehard Redskins fan, season tickets and all. I’m rooting for Giants today, it’s a close game so far.



    Ok I have been concerned with knowing if or when I may O. Well (sorry TMI I am sure) when I just used the washroom I noticed some clear fluid that was stretchy. Now we were to bd last night and tried but neither one of us were really up for it as we were both tired. So didn’t get far, lol. I had used the washroom prior to now and nothing. I have had mild cramps for about 3 days now. We will be bding tonight for sure just incase. What do you think? The O calendar said for a 28 day cycle today is my most fertile. I also put in a cd40 and next fri mar 4 would be the most fertile. So I guess anywhere between now and then. BDing every other nt 4 sure from now til next fri. Fingers crossed.



    I’m just dropping to say a quick hello; my DS has the horrible stomach virus that’s going around. After steam cleaning the carpets, five loads of laundry, three outfit changes for both of us, pediatrician appointment and running to the grocery store for EXTRA absorbent diapers, Tylenol, chicken broth and Pedialite, I’m calling it an early night. I’m COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED. Thank goodness I’m on CD 2, the last thing I want to think about tonight is BDing!



    so sorry sarah n liam 🙁



    AF due between 26th and 28th of this month?



    mommyree- I will be going to buy Vitex today, I will do anything to regulate my cycles!!!



    yay… all caught up 🙂 Sorry if I have any tupo’s the comment box is all messed up again 🙁 Alicia – I get the same pains right after af when I bd! I spoke to alot of my friends about it and no one else seemed to experience this… I was beginning to think it was just me or all in my head! – OMG congrats!!! It looks positive to me… Keep us all posted!! Elize – that would be absolutley terrifying!!! I am so glad you are okay!



    AF was due a couple days ago. Still spotting brownish red and have cramps. Feel like she’s coming but everytime I go to the ladies room, she’s a no show. Been spotting for over a week now. Hoping this could be the month for me. Will test over the weekend if AF hasn’t arrived by then.


    How come everytime scaredmom2be leaves a comment, it leaves a million of the same thing????????? Thats so annoying…..


    Hi, ladies. I have a question: Do any of you experience sore nipples around your ovulation time? Mine have been sore since 3-4 days ago, and Friday was 14 days after the start of my last period. My breasts themselves aren’t sore, just my nipples. Can this be a sign of ovulation? Thank you. 🙂



    I gtg study now..before DD gets up..but thx for keeping me entertained, u girls really are the best 🙂



    11DPO BFN.. Not suprising but i had some major cramps on 8&9DPO AF due around july 6th?



    i think this is it now due to mc i havent been temping for long…



    sounds promising dardar and baby786. good luck and i’m sending loads of baby dust your way!

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