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    okaye so AF finally arrived — I guess her plane was just delayed. So I’m officially finally ‘out’ for this month, but feel encouraged that maybe I can be back ‘in’ for next month. 🙂
    Happy Weekend, everyone!



    Thank you Diane!



    hey ladies,, i have a question and this is not about TTC.. i relized in the past 2 days i had alot of yellow discharge with bad smell..and this morning when me and hubby wanted to BD i couldn’t it was burning?? is that an infection and how to cure it while ttcing?? and if i conceived will this harm the baby?? u can msg me on my profile,, thnx


    Hey ladies ((((wave))))) Im cd 22 and have an extemely high cervix-I think its hard-not sure, this is the first time if ever checked it, also have creamy cm……any one else in and around my cd have similar?



    Want2bMom – We’re on the same cycle it seems – or pretty close



    Hey, ladies. We’re not ‘technically’ TTC, but I was wondering if you guys could help me??? Well, I had my daughter on Jan 1st, and stopped breastfeeding her when she was bang on 4-months. She’s now nearly 9-months and my periods are still messed up. I have no idea when I’m ovulating, or due on. We’re not going to go down the route of ovulation calenders, basal charts or ovulation tests (just yet), just do things naturally. Has anyone else TTC with messed up post-baby periods, and how did you know your fertile days??? Thanks. 🙂



    wanting – Heck my bladder control was a problem with my FIRST (and only) pregnancy! LOL I can remember being on my knees on the floor heaving into the toilet and afterwards having to clean my own pee off the floor. I also would leak when I sneezed or coughed if I wasn’t prepared for it. After my ds was born, I couldn’t even hear running water. I had NO control at all! It would just run out no matter how tight I squeezed. But, thankfully, it improved within a few weeks. Now I’m back to normal, thank goodness!



    I can’t seem to touch my cervix…ever. I’ve tried a lot but it seems really high. Is that possible? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong…??lol IDK!



    In fact, I think I have a habit of forgetting things are where they are, because toward the end of my last cycle, I started temping vaginally because I hear you get more reliable temps from that…well, A couple minutes later, I wake up and realize I had fallen back to sleep with the thermometer ‘you know where’….that could have been bad! What if I had really forgotten it?



    LadyJade, being on the pill never did much for my skin. I have been ‘break-out prone’ since my teens, and unless I want to go on crazy acne meds, I just deal with it with Proactive. Of course I stop all that and just live with spots if I get pregnant, lol! I got pregnant with Sebastian a couple of weeks after coming off the pill.



    Hi ladies!!!! How is everyone!



    anyway guys, its getting late here so ill chat 2moro, sending some mega sticky sparkly babydust ur way 😛



    hey ladies



    taylorttc: i’ll wait ’till the 8th as well. 🙂 Keep me posted!!!



    mastersimage – your best bet to figure out when you ovulate is to track your temps, cervical mucous and use an ovulation prediction kit. It takes a few months to figure out your body and cycle using this method, but it does work! and are very informative sites to help you learn the process, or ask questions here – lots of TTC experience to learn from!

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