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    Wishing- Let us know!!!! How exciting!
    I’m CD30 and no AF yet, but breatsfeeding so I’m always a little late, and too lazy to take a test. lol. Once I go past CD35 I will test, but not too sure how likly it is that I’m preggo.



    good morning ladies…ughhh im sooo drained lol didnt sleep a lick last night, was up all night coughing from this stupid sickness and AF is still not here!!!!!!!!!! i just want to get on with it… is everyone?



    Well you need prayer for a girl as well. Lol. But for a girl, sex everyday until 5-3 days before ovulation. Sallow penetration so missionary. Wheat, dairy and low salt. Hot showers and bath before BD.


    and thats v true my SIL bled sooooooo bad but shes got a 9 month old baby boy now


    hey ladies just took an OPK and it came back negative, so can you still get a negative when you feel you could be pregnant??. TIA xx



    pretty quiet in here



    @ lilygrace my doc said once they remove the mirena it clears pretty quick from your system. Think about getting one once I’ve had number 2.



    My nephew calls me Aunt Diane-osaur… I joke back that I will turn into Diane-osaurus Rex and eat him if he’s not careful!! lol



    Well just back from my annual MOT (smear) spoke to the nurse she said it shouldn’t effect TTC and might help as she removed the mucas plug during the test but we’ll only know at the end of the month if I get my BFP or not, fingers crossed it hasn’t affect my chances. she also said to bed every other day (I know we all know this) to give hubbys swimmers a chance to get more new ones rather than using old stock. Keeping my fingers crossed for more BFP’s this month.



    Emmalynsmom!- i still dont have all the lingo down so dont feel at all bad, lol.



    I read down below some of you talking about food. What you eat affects your body obviously, eating a healthy diet WILL help you get pregnant it balances your hormones plus you have a great head start to a healthy pregnancy. For anyone interested I’m following ‘The Hormone Diet’. Obviously it’s hard to follow a diet, but when you want that baby so bad it’s worth it.






    btw- wendy thats a BFP!!!! when was your lmp? tutrle- bass pro COOKIES at the bakery yuuuuuuuuuuuuummo


    Cherryb0m~ Im in the same boat as you 7-9dpo and Ive been getting a steady temp rise everyday, I hope this is our month!

    Sarahchihuahua~OMG MAJOR CONGRATS!!! ON YOUR BFP!



    ok af is due tomorrow so decided to get a test.. i did it and it was a big [email protected]#ing negative..

    now i know why af decided to show her face a day early

    so i guess its back to cd1 for me now.. good luck ladies

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