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    thirdtime…i totally understnd… DD is only one and i worry about those things and i have a long time before i even have to deal with them :S



    Thanks Alicia! I will check them out. I am using CB Digital OPKs for this cycle but they are so expensive.


    @turtlefur thanks! Just freaks me out a bit that’s all!! Because I don’t usually drink probably… Hoping this month will be a good one for a good friend too! Been sending her lots of baby dust for baby #3 🙂
    Another question… Can you still catch if you bd after your ovulation?? I don’t have a clue with any of this, feel so stupid! :/



    well day 10 here for me today.. kinda geting excited hubby is going for more investigation this arvo.. hes booked the doc app himslf to look into this more as weve done all ther is for a woman… not realy ttc this month well my frame of mind is not realy ttc.. fingers crossed fro you all this month..



    ARCTIC – I told myself I wanted to try natural also…until about the 8th hour into active labor when I thought I was going to die (I was in labor for 40 hours) there was no question with my second (of course I didn’t have a choice since I had a placental abruption and had to be prepped for a c-section…thank goodness I still had my DS vaginally) 🙂 I say more power to women who can do it, but natural and drug free is NOT for me!!!L LOL! Having the EPI allowed me to enjoy the process more. 🙂



    DAY 15 coming up to the big O geting some good baby maing mucous… fro some reason iam positvie at this point.. its great all signs cervix and mucous all point to ovualtion any day.. goin to try fit a bd in tonight just incase as sun is 2 days away



    Hi ladies.. well af is def 2..satup last night filling out my cycle diary incase i need to give info to my fertility dr….i was bummed af showed her face but now i have a sudden burst of ..ok going hard this month…determination…lets get down to business,, now just need to make my body agree with my head!…lol


    Hi all hope you are well. Still no sign of AF felt terrible all morning. I last tested at 12DPO and BFN which is driving me mad. Should I test again I don’t know, each test is so expensive 🙁 feel like crying



    i know saza, i already need to go hahah


    Member know will be back tomorrow,lol. It’s the addict in us all:-) You do need to relax though, it’s all in God’s time hun….and STAY OFF GOOGLE! You will have yourself terminally ill with a disease you can’t even pronounce, let alone spell by the time you get done trying to self diagnose what is going on. Time will tell… like everyone has told you. FX it is an answer you can handle♥



    c, for some reason i just keep thinking u are preg already.



    Do y’all know if there’s a certain time of day to do it and a certain position to be in? How do you know its touching you CM??


    Participant – not sure I see it, hopefully some other people can. Good idea on the mass buy of OPKs, that’s what I did too.



    Well I just went to the washroom and when I wipped it was bright red. Cd 1 I guess I’m NOT a happy camper right now my chances were so high.



    I’m doing two different OPK’s a day. One at 11 am and another at 7 pm. So far CD 13 and nothing.

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