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    ‘Mommi I am so freaking happy for you!!!!
    CD2 here. I’m feeling good about it! Babydust!



    last one. i wouldn’t give them anything anymore than and when they complain or ask how come u or yur bro dun give them anything then just say ‘ o u neva said anything so i didn’t if you like it or not.



    rbrencur-Hmmm, I would take a test. Im a poas addict though, so i can’t help myself,lol.



    Jen, there is lots of talk about the success women have gotten with such natural supplements as Soy Isoflavones, Vitex and Tribulus – all can be purchased at a natural health store, drug stores and even Walmart. Taking supplements should be done under the supervision of a doctor, and research before you start a supplement routine. Sometimes taking a supplement (especially Soy Isoflavones) can do more harm than good if you take too much, or have an underlying thyroid issue.



    Cd1 for me, with a vengeance:/ Apparently she overheard all the lovely things I had to say about her last week,lol. Oh well, it was expected. Im still holding out my hope for next month:-) Im glad to finally be past my due date and that last pregnancy chapter is closed and put behind me. I guess I wasnt meant to be pg before then. On to a June baby♥



    CPALMER – I love you girl!! 🙂 I just wanted to tell you! 🙂



    Hi ladies af 6 days late starting to make me mad wish she would just come hate that my cycles all messed up haven’t tested since Monday but I mite today just think it’s a waist of time don’t really feel pregnate o well baby dust to you all and congrats on bfp



    hi ladies, AF showed up today so i guess i will move on to the 8th month of trying.


    Than you for you gooduck wishes x



    Good Afternoon Ladies!


    Hi all been feeling the butterflies all morning until at an hour age 13.00 uk time. Not sure what to make of this was hoping butterflies were a good sign :-/



    OH…..poor girl. i didn’t get a chance to offer condolences to artic either…man….=(


    Thanks, Alicia! I guess we’ll just keep BD tonight and tomorrow monring, and I’ll keep doing OPKs until it’s hegative. So weird! I LOVE the Clearblue digital OPKs. With the regular ones I was tilting them and second guessing myself and all. I get them from Amazon – $20 for 20 or something like that. I’m on auto delivery, so I’m really not sure, they just show up every month. — Just like AF. Grr. Hang in there!!!



    My period was a week late last Saturday the 1st and had a faint positive on Friday. AF turned up on Sunday but was really heavy but just assumed it was bad because it was so late. By Monday night the cramps were killing me. Went to hospital and got poked and prodded and had a vaginal ultrasound. Was told I was 4-5 weeks pregnant and having a miscarriage. Hcg was only 42. Anyway, had a D&C yesterday evening… RIP little baby… It hurts so much… Just wanted to let people know.



    GOT MY DIGI’S and I am so excited!! 🙂 This WILL be my month! Liam, Diva & Indigo – Booo hiss!! Ahhh wish I was part of that list but unfortunately I am only CD6…I will be testing with OPK’s that’s about it!!! Lol FX Chase!! How many dpo are you? Dawn – Best of luck to you hun! You will be missed! And Ladies with the comment box – if you refresh the page once or twice that tends to fix it for me!!

Viewing 15 posts - 14,326 through 14,340 (of 131,346 total)

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