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    Yayyy!! Good news Sarah! That is whay I hate it when doctor’s tell us that our first hCG is ‘low’ – when there is nothing to compare it to, how do they know it is ‘low?’ Now, if you were six weeks along and your hCG was 10, I would understand them telling you your hCG was low, but when someone is so early on, I never worry about the first hCG number! TAKE CARE, and STICK BABY STICK!!



    Lilpa- I’ll be testing between the 10 – 15.


    Hi! I have a 18 month old and am strongly considering having another baby. My first is still sleeping in our bed and is very much a mamma’s boy. I know in my heart i want another baby, just want it to be a good time for the family and my son… any sugestions?



    WTB- Welcome! There are quite a few of us Aussies in this forum. This is definately the place to be, to discuss emotions, symptoms etc that men just don’t get. I hope your stay is short!



    Hi all!!! 12dpo today, I’m still holding out on testing, maybe tomorrow….I had a lot of cramping today and some very sharp pains in my abdomen…anyone else have this? So hard to tell the difference…



    @kristyMUMof5 , I think I will wait 3 more days untill I test again . I am running low on cheapies and only got 1 frer cant waste it too much this month. Testing bodies? FF tells me I should wait till the 20th thou


    same here spunky!



    Hey ladies – Welcome to the newbies – I hope your stay in TTC is short! So sorry for any BFN & AF!! For the ladies with the long cycles and the ones that are all over the place…ughh i feel ya!! They suck! Another BFN for me today at 13dpo…at this point I am just waiting for AF!! I am debating on going all out next month and getting the basal thermometer, taking vitamins and doing OPK’s and anything else that helps or just trying the relaxed approach and whatever happens happens. I just dont know!!


    yes, i am about 8DP



    I GOT MY BFP!!!!



    Spunky, I didn’t have any symptoms either for my DD. I got bad cramps on a Sunday night then that Wednesday I tested (just to do it) and it was positive. My AF was due that Friday.


    DMMARINE….Sorry for stupid AF….she is a witch!!!



    awww starburst, its ok, all you can do is cross your fingers and say a prayer…i hope you get your bfp!



    My IC looks WAY dark today so that makes me haaaapppppppyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

    14 DPO!!!



    lol Diane, sav does that, i just dont bother pickin them p anymore hahah

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