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    Congrats Mamacass!! I know it is hard not to worry about m/c especially since you just had one but just try to relax and remember that most pregnancys end with a healthy baby. 🙂 I wish you a happy and healthy nine months!! Bree- I am on CD 11 also!! My opk shows a almost there positive also, I actually posted it on my page and asked people to check it out because I couldn’t tell if it was positive or if it needed to be even darker. Hoping it is positive tomorrow and I O in the next couple days! Yay! Good luck!!!



    Mummy to Jude – congrats and H&H 9 months to you. Well, I knew it would happen – the moment I wrote about waiting for AF and started getting my hopes up – wham, AF witch turned up last night. Almost numb as I’m getting used to it. Bloomin’ heck – all we ladies want is a BFP!!!!! Good luck and plenty of baby dust ladies.



    So, does anyone just test in hopes of being pregnant from effort upon effort? lol i feel SO pathetic



    momof3… I took it once n it did nothing for me. but there’s others that took it n was fine and there’s Some that needed it longer than a month.



    Snuck back in before shutting down for the night if you’re still here Eeyore



    @ sherylee & mamachka – That is how I know AF is coming as well but, I am just as confused because I am now CD27 and I should have CM but I have nothing. As a matter of fact, I should see it turning colors because I should be spotting by tomorrow. I don’t know what to think but, don’t get discouraged. That sounds like a bfp.



    hi ladies, anyone have any babies already? i have a 10 month old just wondering if anyone else is TTC already or if im just crazy!



    4 DPO here, getting shooting pains through both boobs off and on during the day. But other than that, theres nothing to get excited over. Planning to hold off until the 1st to test..I just hope I can hold out that long,lol. I guess its a good thing I dont have any hpts in the house 🙂 GL to all that are testing this week, c’mooon BFPs!! 🙂 Congrats KyleahsxMommy!! H&H 9 months to you!



    I’m ‘fussed’ too, but I do SO try not to be!



    CD1 for me…the witch flew in this evening, a little early….off to order my PreSeed.



    I’ll be turning 41 in 15 days and don’t think this is my month. I’ve been gassy the past couple days with tender breasts and today I’m very dry. It’s been a long time for hubby & I TTC but we will keep trying until I hit menapause or get a BFP. Good luck to all you ladies TTC and congrats to all who have received a BFP…



    Hi,i’m new to this site and 4 days late for AF. Will be testing tomorrow…am so nervous and keep checking every hour to make sure AF hasnt arrived.



    any 1 used or kw any 1 that took soy and used pre seed? and worked?



    Congrats dawn!



    my af will be here later today or tomorrow… i am bloated and cranky… UGH

Viewing 15 posts - 14,401 through 14,415 (of 131,346 total)

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