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    The dollar store tests worked well for me last time. I found out I was pregnant before I was due, but at that time I had twins so my HCG level was probably quadrupled. I’m thinking maybe its only 1 baby and that’s why it’s taking forever. Wishful thinking huh!



    Alicia – My hands and feet used to itch like crazy when I was pregnant!



    Momiib – good luck and our prayers are with you



    Congrates Usmcwife hope you have an awesome pregnancy. Hopefully some more of these ladies will join you shortly too. Good luck to those in TWW. *Baby Dust*



    Thanks for the congrats, but I think this was a short lived chemical pregnancy. When I tested with FMU after four tests last night (all were the same # store brand), it was stark white. Onward to TTC this next month. Just waiting for AF to show…..



    way to go lil!! im trying to do the same lol i always say i will then give in at the last moment!



    CD 11 here… first day of what should be our most tiring month… BD this morning, and probably tomorrow morning… then scheduled Monday night, wed night, thurs night, sat morn and sunday morn, then again mon night… whew…. im tired just thinking about it. that should cover all my days of early or late ovulation.



    What would make that happen?



    Af has been a no show now for 4 days!! I have been cramping since Friday, especially in my back and I never get back cramps! WEIRD!! sorry for TMI but I was really dry like I always am right before AF and now for the last few days I keep running to the bathroom because I think shes here but its just CM. I have tested everyday and keep getting BFN!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Loosing my mind!!! This is sooo not fair!!



    @ Diane–Well last cycle came a bit early and only lasted 1 day plus spotting. The one before that came 5 days late and again was kind of short.


    Hi everyone! My hubby and I are talking about trying for baby #3, however, I must admit I am nervous. I am just curious what is your favorite age gaps between your children? And what are your thoughts, opinions, stories, etc on going from 2 to 3. Thank you! 🙂



    I am on CD 11 and my temp has been the same for 3 days. I took an OPK yesterday and it was neg. Is having the same temp seem strange? Here is my chart.


    I don’t have a clue what is happening with me guys lol thanks for replies though. I no longer have fertile cm. But I know from waiting after the mc for af to show, fertile mc kept coming and going?. But for the moment it has gone, if I have already o’ed I dont really feel pg. Terrian20 – Congratulation on your BFP H&H 9months xxx



    I know isn;t that the craziest thing? I was just looking on the web and some people have posted on various sites that when they have an irregular cycle as I do that they have gotten pregnant right after their period by BD the day AF stopped. I thought this was supposed to be low fertility but have no idea!



    Intro!!! My name is Melissa (24yrs). My husband Josiah(26yrs) and I have been married 6 years, together for 7. We have three gorgeous girls. Miley is 5, Isabella is 3, Alexis is 8 months. We have two angel babies in heaven. We are ttc baby #4. I have had 3 C-sections, but this time I am going to try a trial labor. If all goes well I can possibly have a vbac. 😀 I haven’t had a period since May of 2012. I am hoping things start up soon. 🙁 Nice to meet all of you lovely ladies!

Viewing 15 posts - 14,476 through 14,490 (of 131,346 total)

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