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    looks like there may be a few BFP’s; one after the next!! baby dust to you all!! i know the 2ww is the WORST!! its almost as bad as waiting for your first ultrasound! lol…i was sooo anxious, i couldn’t stand it! LOL



    This is my chart today. FF not confirming O. Its been looking like CD17 but my opks werent positive when I went to bed cd17. And now they’re positive 4 days in a row. Today I wipe and there was a single red dot (not the paper lol) Im confussseeddd.. Photobucket



    congrats Ink….



    Kinda of sad I think AF is on her way I am spotting I have never spotted this far out from getting my period it is not due until the 26 of this month has anyone had this happen to them and what was the outcome.



    juliannaz – I so wish you didn’t need to be back here so soon. It looks like you and I had due dates 3 days apart. I MC’d almost 3 weeks ago. hopefully we can both hop back on that BFP wagon soon, along with all of the other lovely ladies here.



    heymickey83 – AF is due for me tomorrow as well! I already have my test here ready to take in the morning if she doesn’t show up tonight. Fingers crossed for both of us and P.S. I too have had the creamy cm the past couple days and I also don’t remember having it this close to AF so I’m hoping that is a good sign!



    Chrissy- yeah, a little crazy to find someone in the same boat lol, but neat. I’ll be testing Saturday at the earliest, I think. I’ve got over 30 internet cheapies so I may start earlier then that.



    klasnaya – go for it…..
    lisa… could be a good sign i was bloated as all get out when i got preggo with my first.



    ooh UGH! well your not out until AF shows up! same your you brandy!! FX



    Allison, it all depends on when the egg implants, and how fast your hCG is to rise. Sometimes women won’t get their BFP until AF is late. Don’t get your hopes up too high, but don’t count this month out until AF shows in full force!



    I seriously don’t believe it!!! I need to test again!!! Lol I cried!!!


    Congrats on all the BFP’s I missed this weekend! QUESTION on OPK’s: When do you take the test? I’ve read that taking it in the afternoon is best?


    thanks alohamom 🙂 I too have had the understanding of ovulation typically occuring 12-36 hours after the surge. Which is what boggles me. last month I think I was stressed out and it was delayed. Which I understand can happen. But I would be suprised if it happend again this month!! I was taking my temp up until I got my lh surge…then ofcourse by that time I was forgetting or distracted by the little one and fell off that train. 🙁 I have a good feeling we are covered though.) Very proud of the hubs for pulling through this month. We tried lastnight. however…and it didnt happen. We had the giggles lol I think we are both just mentally drained this month and getting loopy haha. I am going to ignore the cm i had yesterday. I think it was probably too chunky to be fertile?!? I dont know how else to discribe it. it was a mix of slippery cm and a couple chunks almost the size of a pinky nail? kind of clearish opaque? (sorry tmi on the description) crossing my fingers and saying my prayers!!



    Good luck Fizzy!



    And I’m back! lol AF was done last Sunday (5/18) and according to the app in my phone I should be ovulating around the first of next month. So Let the BDing begin, I know it is still early but I really hope this will be my month.—– Timefor2- Good luck I really hope you get your BFP!! —Babytwee- I would have been testing like crazy if I was you, I cant hold out as much, I’m a compulsive tester lol!!

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