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    Hello Ladies…Have Not Been On Here In A Couple Months…Hubby And I Kinda Took A TTC Break For a While…But Now We Are Back On Track Yesterday I Just Got 30 OPK’s & 10 HPT’s Off Ebay For $1.00 So We Are Back On TTC Again Wish Us Luck…Congrats To All BFP’s Today..



    CD 1……only 8 days early!! WTF… this is soo frustrating and annoying!!! I’m about ready to go back on BC and atleast that way I know for sure its not going to be happening because I don’t think we’ll be trying anytime soon :'(



    readyfor2nd, My mom is about the only one who can’t wait for us to pop a million babies out. Even though she’s in Arkansas and we’re in NJ, she’s also the biggest support we have. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for wanting another one. Sometimes I think I’m crazy. lol My husband luckily doesn’t give a crap what his parents think or we wouldn’t even be married. EEK… However, I have wanted another one for several months now and I just had to give my husband time. He was totally not ready at first and actually got angry when I talked about having another one too much. I didn’t think he would be changing his mind any time soon. I was on here whining about how jealous I was that everyone here was trying and my husband wasn’t ready and then out of the blue two days ago he says I can stop taking the birth control and we can try for #2. I think the fact that he’s talking to anyone at all about whether or not it’s time for #2 means he’s thinking about it. Maybe he just needs time to warm up to the idea. Try not to bug him too much but every couple of months, make your case for wanting another one and just see what he’s thinking. Past that, I don’t really have much help for you. Sorry and good luck.



    Ok I’m feeling some af like cramps. They don’t really hurt but it feels like af will be here prob on Thursday, 20 mins after I test and get a bfn!! Just my luck!



    Does anybody know how long it can take to conceive after having the implant out? i have had it in for only 1 year but i dnt want be one of those to take ages. only took about 2 weeks with my first baby but im not sure after the implant. em xx



    I’m curious, do you ladies already have an OB? I’m currently looking for a good one. Don’t want to get stuck having to settle for one I don’t like when I am pregnant. We live in such a small town though, I think I’ll have to travel far to get to a really good one that also does VBACS.



    Amym – hang in there hun. WHen the TTC gets really tough, plan some really fun activities to distract yourself and focus on the positives you have around you right now. Plan a family fun night, movie night, date night, afternoon at the spa – even if that just means going to a girlfriend’s house to get a manicure and have a gab. Smile and laugh even when you feel like that is near impossible to do. We can never just ‘relax’ when TTC – impossible to do that all the time – but we can combat the stress with ‘laughter therapy’ or just enjoying an activity we have not done in a long time. There is always this forum to vent in too! Stay strong sister, and know you’ll have your BFP — sooner rather than later I hope! For us all!



    Babytwee-I don’t have FB…I know, right??? ‘Who doesn’t have FB?!?’…lol plus, we haven’t told anyone so Id hate to let the cat out of the bag early.



    cmmbear and 2xmom, my AF is all over the charts some times 15 days and some times 50. My doctor prescribed clomid. I start my first cycle of that in three days. It is suppose to regulate me and help me drop a viable egg. I have a 14 month old daughter, she took years to conceive, so I am trying to speed things up. Also cmmbear there is a ovulation moniter that you can reuse but they are expensive, you can find them on amazon for like $150.



    Thank you holz good luck with your ovulation hoping it happens soon!! X



    not till tomorrow morning not to mention its sunday an will cost me $149 just to be told iv m/c and to go home ….my m/centre is sh’t were i am


    Cautiously optimistic today…I’ve had a some cramping over the last few days that isn’t normally present for me…fingers crossed! I still have another week to wait…entering the 1WW! YAY



    Twomarchbebes- I experienced some light bleeding mid cycle around cd 16 or so. It only lasted 1 day but it was accompanied with lower nack pain and cramps. Then that was it, not one more symptom not even my regular PMS. Its cd 31 and AF should (i hope NOT) be here tomorrow. ————- williamsonbabies- i have 2 boys both conceived pretty easily as well, and we seem to be having a harder time #3. has AF come yet?



    thanks for the positives rach – bd’ing like crazy – have DH on an every other day schedule and will keep it up until well after O!! then I can join you in the horrid 2ww – but at least I’ll have the xmas preparations to distract me.



    bean…LOL…that would be VERY nice!

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