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    Nobody is ever on at night/my time now 10:20pm…..haha….but when i get up at 7:30am, yall have already been on and off! Well, okay then…..hehe….talk to yall eventually! Goodnite…or goodmorning?



    I couldnt go back to sleep after I took my temp so I got up! My daughter usually wakes me up!!! I got a BFN this morning but I think tomorrow is a good day b/c I spotted twice yesterday and I have looked around and it usually takes a couple days to the hCG levels to get into your system. I am still optomistic!!!! My sisters (who is 1 day ahead of me in our cycle) temp went up today as well!!!! I cant wait to test tomorrow! LoL! I hope my sis and I are due around the same date!!!!


    Sharon- actually, my parents live here in Ireland but are a 4 1/2 hour car ride away; my husband’s family is near by but no way would I want his sister near any future child of mine! 😉 His mother is grand but she 70 and pretty frail so i doubt she can help too much. My Dad will probablly come over to me for a month or two when I do get pregant and have the baby – so that will be nice.



    Hi, ladies. I’m pretty sure I’m facing a miscarriage. My progesterone levels are very low, a 3. My nurse said they like to see at least a 12. I’ve done my own research and found that this causes spotting due to shedding of the uterine lining and particularly lower back cramps. I am currently having both. On top of that, I’m getting sick. The nurse is having me come in tomorrow and said something about the possibility of progesterone supplements, but the research I have done isn’t promising. I hear its generally too late to start supplements after a BFP and that there is actually studies saying supplements may not even be effective. So this is where I stand. I’m waiting for the doctor to tell me more tomorrow. Anyone have any experience with low progesterone?



    Erinb250~ I know exactly how u feel. my bf said the same thing to me. keep ur chin up. and maybe next time the calneder says to BD don’t tell him why just put in something sexy and light some candles. and BD until the sun comes up and he’ll think he won the lottery. lol



    Hi All, well seems so strange saying anything till the magic 12 weeks but I’ve done several tests that all are positive and was 6 weeks yesterday. Going to see my GP next week but sooo nervous this time because I turn 34 in July so that puts me in a higher risk bracket for complications but I will use positive thinking hey? I just pray that it will all go well and fingerscrossed x



    Well, I dont know, I convinced mysel I was, now I dont know, bbs were throbbing lastnight, but they always do before af pops in to say helloo!! but not quite as painful as today, which is nice :0) I really hope you get a bfp, when you going to test? before your due or when your late?



    my ff chart is in my pictures on my page if anyone wants to look 🙂



    It’s not looking too good for me. I’m still spotting a little bit…



    Well, AF arrived today!! BOOOOO! Man, I hope Feb. is our month, but I will be out of town one day during my ‘fertile’ time frame. Gosh I hope it works the second time. Wishing baby dust to all!



    bsbaby- rainbowrach is right.. i thank you so much for be honest.. the last thing i need to do is get my hopes up to high and get them shot down again…lol… and i know everyone on here feels the same way…



    Also, girls, in the FRER boxes in the instructions (that we all throw away because we know them by heart lol) there are 2 $1.00 off coupons for frer opks and hpts.


    sheework…I’m sorry to say this but some doctors say it’s when the first blood shows (i.e. spotting) and some doctors say it is the first day of full on bleeding. So really not sure. I personally think it’s the first full on bleeding day.


    poizineyevee- af should be here at the beginning of april, I’m saying April 3rd or 4th. Horrible timing lol!



    Have a great weekend all x x x baby dust x x x

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