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    Oh ok lol i get ya…well i dont think u have anything to worry about sarah!



    Ladies it finally happened! The meds from the study have finally helped me get pregnant! yay!



    theres another bunch of girlies in the ttc after loss forum that are testing too so I am hoping for a big results day!


    MrsL I feel your pain I was 4 days late for AF now it’s here and I’m gutted. Onto month 7 now starting to think there is something wrong with me. Gutted gutted gutted 🙁



    thinking you may see a positive in a few days OR you would have got a +ve and your LH is now on it’s way down which is possible going by your temps



    DAMNKAT – Thanks for the info. I have 28-29 day cycles so I will try to do them twice a day from here on out. The problem is that I can’t do them at work becasue it’s too hard. I’m in the militray and things are hectic at work, i’m lucky to get a lunch! Maybe 5:30 am and 6:00 pm would work for me!! Thanks again!





    ttc5- That could have been an implantation dip. Have you tested yet?



    hey ladies am back just had a nap was so tired i took the med the doctor gave me for the bleeding i was reading it and it says if ur pregnant ur not suppose to take them lool so i think its too late even if i was pregnant my mom thinks the doctor is stupid am having mild cramps now..


    i am in cycle day 15 havn some little like pulsating cramps in my ovaries and everyonce in awhile a mild cramp in my right calf….weird! Congrats to the bfp’s & good luck to the ones testing! Just good luck to everyone! I will be testing the 2nd or maybe even the 4th! Well sending tornadoes of baby dust all the way from texas***~~***~~~~****~~**~~**


    OH congrats again that is so exciting! Maybe you did get pregnant last time! You will def have to update us! Thats funny that you said you ovulated early and so did i this month…way earlier than i was expecting but i am pretty sure i am out this month because i tested today and it was a BFN:( maybe in a few days! Did you have any symptoms?


    jjsbabymama—babydoll76 — i also have to test on saturday 🙂 lets hope for 3 BFP



    BFP is big fat positive lol


    Also, despite my husband and me being out of state over the weekend, we managed to BD Friday morning, which I just realized was exactly 14 days after the start of my last period. Unfortunately, we were running late, so I was only able to stay lying down for a minute or 2 afterwards. Then we BD last night, too, but since I was on top (sorry if that’s TMI), I felt like the sperm were probably sliding right out. 🙁 I’m still a little hopeful that we stand a chance, though!



    Ruby- want did you decide to make for your Italian dinner?

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