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    I’m late but I wanted to say congrats to mugs :biggrin on your BFP



    ohhh I know but im so nervouse…haha



    It will never happen again. I went into liver failure because of a medication I was taking to control my thyroid. My liver was not processing it (for 3 months) and it sent me into liver failure. The doctors figured if that took out my thyroid, I wouldn’t have to take the medication and hopefully my liver would recover. So at 20 weeks pregnant I had my thyroid removed, my liver recovered and after 5 weeks in the hospital I came home. However during the surgery my blood pressure fluctuated so much that Autumns blood supply went to her heart and brain to keep her alive. That blew a hole in her intestines sending (poop) into the outter cavity making a mass that attached to her liver and appendix. I didn’t smoke/drink or do drugs during my pregnancy. I had a thyroid condition that was not under control and that’s what did me in.


    ca…thanks…I hope you get your bfp soon too!! This month should go by fast with all the holiday stuff coming up and hopefuly we all we be prego before we know it!



    Lol diane i agree! I noticed a few of us got AF at the same time 🙂 i was always told that if u hang with someone enough ur cycles will sync up…me and my BFF start within a day of each other



    It seems like there have been a lot of BFN’s and AFs lately so it’s inspiring to see some BFPs today!! I’m really hoping mine will come later this month!



    hey all well i just got back from running around all day and the doctors office…ok so i lost 8 lbs since the last time i was at the dr. when i started the metformin. not even trying to..woo-hoo. so the me and the doc talked and she said i could try clomid this month and see if it works so as soon as AF shows i can start my clomid on cd4. hopefully this will be the month..AF was due today but she has been know to be a day or 2 late. hope sheis here by the morning..the only time we want AF to show is when we can start…well babydust andcongrats to all the BFP’s


    katiea…weird . have yout aken any more hpts tests? I’m doing ok besides the fact of this cold flu thing I have.



    Oh! Hubby has a new job with better pay 🙂 Looks like he won’t have to go to another city to get work after all! Phew! That would make TTC difficult!



    good luck mummy to seth!! sounds promising to me if AF is usually normal?



    oh, and Ready, I am due Jan 16 (or around there – with my odd cycle it’s hard to call!) – as for your OPK, they do tend to fade after an hour. They actually have a time limit on them not becasue they grow darker like HPT’s can, but they usually grow lighter!



    I think Cher did a great job of the Shakespear Sisters song, I’m just not keen on the rapping.. Rebecca is ok, but I think I would get bored of her.. Katie and Wagner need to go! I quite like Aiden as well..(all the men LOL)



    i must be crazy…just took out my multivitamins and got side track now i can’t find it yet i don’t remember having it yet the packet and the lack of tablet suggests i did



    @weegee – I’m dying for you to test!! When r u going to test?



    My fingers are crossed for you D- and I’m sending you loads of sticky baby dust your way 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 14,716 through 14,730 (of 131,346 total)

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