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    will do!!!! I am counting down the hours until it is set lol 2 1/2 hrs to go………….



    My BFP turned to BFN today ((( I started to miscarry. Trying to stay positive, its better now than later. I have mixed feelings about whole TTC thing, probably will take a break. Good luck to all of you!!!



    hey ladies i dont know if im getting sick or having a bad reaction to royal jelly, but today is the first time i took it and i have been feeling sick to my stomach all day and kinda been cramping. i should not be cramping i am only cd 8 well at the end of it anyway. any suggestions on why i would be feeling like this? oh and still comment back on my profile please im still on my phone.



    babylovejenn- I have never tried the robotussin thing. But I read you have to make sure it is not the one for allergies or runny nose. It has another product to dry up fluid. So it will do the opposite of what you are trying to do.



    EEyore: any luck with o?



    Congrats Hollins!!!



    C- there is nothing wrong with a size 11. i just got out of it! Thank god. Im just slowly loosing it… Changed my eating habbit. I got a 2000 cal. diet that i know quiet a few ppl went on and lost ALOT if weight. I thought, There is NO way i could eat all this food. it was a TON!



    Thanks Alicia! I guess my bbt will eventually confirm if When I O too, I’m just impatient lol how have you been feeling? Glazey I’m new to opks too so I can’t be much help, I’ve just read that most tell you to test a few days before you expect to ovulate



    mama lindsey – how funny!!!!!!!!! Maybe were both mad lol, here we go all over again………. lol



    I am feeling nothing, AF is due tomorrow…I am bummed, but ready for a new cycle to make this all work.


    hi ladys
    DH says he doesn’t want another baby but has been comfy to release in me sorry TMI. we have a 4 month old and i am breast feeding .. But i know i can still end up preggers. my 2yr old was a surprise and result of breast feeding method my girls are 1yr and 2months apart . you know that intuition well i have been correct thus far and i have been really tired and going potty alot my cm has changed as well.. had crampy feeling like the start of mens.. had slight bleeding a month before. i dont want to jump the gun and buy hpt what do you ladys think the odds are? I am going to wait at least a few more weeks before i test.



    Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Oh my goodness, exciting times in the forum! Congratulations to all of the bfp’s!! Good luck to everyone waiting! Baby dust! I tested positive on the FRER on Friday it was very faint. It was also negative on ept. Today, the ept was positive. Whew, i just hope my numbers continue to increase. The lines stayed faint in Sept when i had a mc. My period is not due for another 3 days. I will take a digital tomorrow to confirm. Im totally winded when walking stairs and gassy… I hope to be with more of you in the weeks.



    K, I was thinking the same thing! NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!



    Thanks Ladies! Pics coming soon!



    Hi ladies, how is ttc going? Any positives yet? Well i haven’t Bded today so i’m going to jump the other half tonight when he comes home from work, even though i don’t think i’m ovulating anymore… But just to be on the safe side i don’t want to take any chances…

Viewing 15 posts - 14,896 through 14,910 (of 131,346 total)

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