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    Hi all I just wanted to say I check this site daily still don’t think I am ready to add to my family but love to admire all of you that do. and wish you all lots and lots of baby dust


    Hey ladies, Not to sure if any of you remember me but im still here… Im currently 9dpo on a natural cycle and i have a question. I have noticed that if i squeeze my nipples i can get breast milk out of them….has anyone ever heard of this??? Im not breastfeeding and havent since my son (who is now three) was a week old.


    loads of ***sticky baby dust*** to those testing this weekend!!!! Hope everyone gets their BFP!!! CD 7 for me and this month is really dragging..suppose I have all the BDing to look forward to haha worked out that if this is my month I will be due 12th DD was due on 9th Nov ’08 but decided to show 2 weeks early 🙂



    Joelyn- thanks Hun! I’m not too convinced just yet. Its so faint I’m scared it’s an evaporation line or something. Ill test again in the am. I have my FX for you!! CandidaandPaul- Congrats to both you and DH!



    i’m on CD 12 and had light pink discharge yesterday and today… this normal or could something be wrong with me??



    I’m sorry damkat. I hate stuff like that. I know you are super helpful and nice in here so maybe they are just bored with their lives or something. Sorry for all those who have AF. FX for you vonne!



    oh yeah I am on CD 40 and still no AF 🙁 I have had a massive headache all day!!!



    I had similar problem not so long ago unfortunately mine ended in miscarriage 🙁 x



    well ladies I just checked my CP and it is low, firm and medium



    Hi all, wishing you all a great weekend. Well we are back very soon after losing our little bean at ten weeks May 19th.The doc told me I could try again right away.She suggested to wait until one menstrual cycle so we did. I believe I am 5 dpo but have never used the test so I am just going by cycle. At 40 I am still usually bang on my 28 day cycle. I wasn’t sure I would be ready but after such sadness I am really ready and in great hopes of a wonderful pregnancy and a little sister or brother for my 22 month old. Best wishes to all of you ladies



    Welp, we are officially TTC! My boy is 19 months and I think I might be ready for another.. He was very planned and this one too. We are doing the whole Shettles girl method…I hope it works! If not two boys would be wonderful too!



    @Sparky: I can TOTALLY understand where you are coming from. Hubby and I are on year number 4 of TTC, and it really is the most frustrating thing EVER! I am currently trying clomid and giving that 6 months (everything I read online said to give it about that long) and then our next step is IVF.



    1sttime I hope it wasn’t an evap line maybe try test again with the same brand.



    Justine test again in 2 days 🙂 seansmom: try testing again in a couple of days. FX for y’all! 🙂



    Eeyore, I would skip a couple of the morning tests, and try to hold your pee from lunch up to 3 or 4 pm. I know! Four hours is near impossible, but if you don’t drink anything from lunch on to test time, you might be able to make it three hours! The LH usually peaks in the afternoon/evening, but if you don’t have concentrated pee, it won’t pick up accurate levels.

Viewing 15 posts - 14,926 through 14,940 (of 131,346 total)

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