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    Hello, my husband and I been trying for around 6 months to have a baby. I prepared my body and we try quite a lot in this six months. I really though I would be pregnant by this moment so I can help but think there is something wrong with me. Is hard to talk this with my husband as he is the sweetest guy you could ever imagine. Even when he was the most excited by the idea of having a baby he has been very patient with me. Everytime we see a failed test he just smiles at me and tell me “This things take time.”

    Seeing him so calm about this makes it really hard to bring this up to him. I dont want to give him any more trouble. Mostly, cause I dont even known if six months without getting pregnant is much time. Any of you think is around time we see an specialist? Or maybe Im just stressing myself out of this?

    I welcome any opinion. Thank you.



    If you’re younger than 35 and haven’t become pregnant after one year of unprotected sex, it’s time to consult a fertility doctor. If you’re age 35 or older, it’s best to see a specialist after about six months of trying to conceive.
    Certain conditions can also affect fertility, so it may make sense to get treatment before spending a full six months or a year trying to get pregnant naturally. Talk to your doctor if you have a history of:Pelvic inflammatory disease
    Fibroids,Endometriosis,Polycystic ovary syndrome,Sexually transmitted infection such as chlamydia or gonorrhea,Blocked fallopian tubes from an infection, ectopic pregnancy, or previous surgery,Previous pelvic or abdominal surgery
    Chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer, or thyroid disease
    Even if you’ve never been diagnosed with a specific medical condition, certain symptoms or physical characteristics can indicate a problem that could affect your fertility. Talk to your doctor if you have trouble getting pregnant along with any of the following signs:
    Periods that are absent, irregular, painful, prolonged, or very heavy,Daily pelvic pain,Scalp hair loss,Severe acne,Excessive facial and body hair
    Keep in mind that smoking, drinking alcohol, having more than 300 mg of caffeine daily (about two 8-ounce cups of coffee), or being significantly overweight or underweight can also negatively impact fertility and pregnancy.
    To make sure you’re doing all you can to maximize your chance of getting pregnant, see:Basal body temperature and cervical mucus,Test your baby-making smarts,Boost your chances of getting pregnant



    Thank you Saurab. Im 34 year old and Im happy to know Im still on the timeframe to get pregnant and is still not really needed for me to check with an specialist. Im quite relieved to hear that as I had the fear of something going wrong with me and while I know this doesnt mean there may not be it at least allow to relax for the time being and hope for the best.



    I think is a little early for you to seek some help from an specialist. My advice if you to wait around a year. This things take time and worrying about the time at the beginning may end up playing against you. At the beginning try to keep yourself healthy, stop drinking and smoking and try to keep yourself calm. If after a year you still cant get pregnant I think that is the time to seek some medical help and see if there is anything wrong with you or your husband.

    Wish you the best, good luck.



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    Hello my dear friend, I can understand your situation and you should not worry about it. It is a good thing to share your problems with others so you can get any good advice and solution for it. I can understand that you are trying to conceive for 6 months and still getting negative results. I will suggest you know to lose hope and happiness due to it. Pregnancy is a complex process and it can take even one year for some couples. It will always depend on your lifestyle and your Physical health that how much time it will take. You should not take stress and anxiety due to it because it will only increase your problem and it is important for you to get rid of extra mental stress. I will recommend you to live healthy and active lifestyle to increase chances of conceiving. It is a good thing that you have a supportive and caring husband and it is very important to stay together to face such period in your life. You should be positive and hopeful towards life to get desired results. If you are not getting desired positive results for a long time, there can be problem of infertility and there can be various reasons for it. In such cases, I will recommend you to visit any good infertility clinic where you can get help of any health expert. It will work for you and you will be able to conceive with good treatment solution. You should not worry about it because infertility is very common problem and the treatment solution is also available in many infertility clinics. You will get success and happiness for sure.

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