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    Just stopped in to say hi to all you tough mommas. I am pregnant with #8 so it is nice to see others with big families



    well i am pregnant with baby #5! I am 28, and all our children our biologically ours! Early on while dating, we figured that we wanted alot of kids! Our family would laugh and kinda think it was a joke since we were going through the puppy love stage. Well married for 10 1/2 yrs now, we share 3 beautiful daughters (9,7,4) and 1 son (3). And even though we were ecstatic with each of our pregnancies , we got not so nice comments from our family, especially after the 2nd child. Well after the 4th, we did kind of mention that we had no intentions of having any more children. Well when the news of this pregnancy was delivered, there were more than a few family members that did make their rude remarks. We dont care, and strongly beleive that all children are a HUGE BLESSING sent from GOD! After all , he wont give us more than we can handle!!!!! So what many thought were daydreams from puppy love, turned out to become the reality of our family……and we would not change a thing about it all! We are blessed enough to financially be able to do this, so we figure that as long as we keep faith in GOD, he will always provide for us in one way or another!



    Howdy, all! MommyCanals, don’t let anyone bring you down! Just tell them you tried to stop drinking the local water, but it was too late ;).
    I myself grew up in a family of 10. After 3 I was done. I met my husband, who has 2 older girls, which brought us up to a wonderful 5, plus a s-i-l and grandson. After 4 years of marriage and being told I was done with my reproductive years, I found out I am 8 weeks pg with #6!
    We were shocked at first, but then we also realized that God would not give us a child we could not care for.
    My little sister has given me a couple of snide remarks, but my mother and grandmother are so excited they can hardly contain themselves!
    I’m hoping for a little girl so I can have a picture of the 4 of us before my grandma passes on….who will be her namesake.
    So, each of us has our own special circumstances. I have a brother who has 7 kids. I learned a long time ago to just be happy for he and his wife. No one has any right to judge us. sometimes we ask for a large family, and sometimes we are surprised with one! Regardless, we do our best, and if others don’t like that, well, pooh on them!



    I just wanted to say congratulations to all you mommies out there! I have many friends and acquaintances of all ages who are trying to start families or enlarge their current one and it’s great to hear a good stories! I got a few comments from our 3rd because she was conceived a year after the 2nd. But this time around I don’t think I really got that many rude comments, but a lot of people knew we were trying.
    I am 28 years old and my DH and I are expecting baby #4 in a few weeks. I won’t rule out having a 5th in a few years, I love my kids and both my parents come from large families 7 and 14 siblings each. So I know what ‘real’ families can do for a person. So I am just want to send some love to you ladies who need it. and you’re right God knows what we can handle! I say BRING IT ON!



    Just wanted to say hello. I am pregnant with our first of hopefully many! My hubby says he wants only 2 children, but I’m wondering if he will change his mind someday. I may change my mind too, who knows. I guess I will just get this one out and see what happens, and see what the good lord gives us. I already feel like I’m running out of time, I am 27 and it took us so long to get pregnant in the first place. And hope you guys don’t take rude comments to heart. They are all probably just jealous of all the hugs and kisses you get!!


    Hello all,
    I am mom to four beautiful kids. A 9 yr. old daughter, 7 yr. old son, 2 yr. old daughter, and 1 yr. old son. DH and I were so sure that 4 kids would be enough especially due to how the economy is right now. I use a non-permanant method of birth control ‘because I just knew that I didn’t want anymore’. Most of the time I still feel that way. However recently I have been feeling an urge to have another one. Then I try to convince myself that those thoughts are just crazy and I would be really crazy to have another now or anytime in the near future as my hands are already full. I don’t know why I get those urges but I wanted to know if any of you ladies ever felt this way. If so, what did you do about it? Does it take time to get over this urge? Do you think it is natural (human nature) to feel this way?


    I am so upset we have 3 children my oldest Paige is 11 then Regan in 8 soon and my baby Riley is 7 months we said she would be our last as I had Paige when I was 15 and all I have ever done is raise my children and my husband wants to just watch them grow now but I really really want another child now I really do but he says NO I am not saying I want another 1 now but in the future I would I am 27 and the last age gap I have is 7 years I didnt want it that big but we just didnt get pregnant I would like to waite a few years but he is addament I am so upset I want to experiance pregnancy again xxx



    littlemommy-I think as women we will always have the baby fever. Even if it only last an hour that its just in our system to want kids. I only have 2 and have said that I didnt wany anymore but for the past few weeks, I’ve had baby fever. I have friends that def. do not want anymore and have had their tubes tied, but they still have their moments where the thought of just 1 more baby sounds nice. Like I said, it may last for just an hour, but its kinda nice to still have that ‘want’. You know? I have 2 boys and would love to have a girl but I really don’t know if we are finished. Neither one of us are ‘fixed’ so it could def. happen. Plus, my hubby wants us to have a girl so I’ll get to go thru the whole prom dress, wedding dress, grand babies, etc that mom and daughters get to share.



    You’d think that it would be overwhelming but personally I feel that the more you have the easier it becomes (to adjust that is)! I’m sooo glad to see that there are other families out there that don’t conform to ‘society standards’! The more large families I see the more ‘normal’ I feel!



    Hello everyone! I’ve noticed that some people these days tend to look down upon large families. I’m so glad to have a place that I can go to get support, kind words, and advice! Hope you all have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


    Sooo bizarre!! But I still miss being pregnant. Not trying, but hoping to maybe have a go at it one last time… lol



    People are very negative about large families. Most ask me if I’m crazy. lol



    Hey all!!!!!!! Im turnin 26 yrs old next month sept! I have 2 kids one aged 7 yrs the other turned 1!! 12th this month! so a boy and a girl! Were going tryin for a 3rd next year 2010!! All excited ha!! anyone else same as me let me know!!! I want a big family so was thinkin5 or 6 all together my limit !! as they say but ill be happy what every many i have and thank god i can. comment my page if your like me!! and tryin for 3rd next yr!! mags x



    hi im kristy i thort id pop in and say hi i have 4 grate kids and preg now with number 5



    hey ladies!! i have 3 boys aged 12,10 and 6,and little girl aged 20 months. i am 11 weeks pregnant with #5 and was just wondering,has anyone heard that labour on baby #5 is supposed to be more painfull? ive had back labour with all my kids so i really dont fancy any pain worse than that!! and does anyone know whats the most reliable chinese birth chart? ive done a few but some say boy and some say girl!!

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