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    My husband and I were married on August 23, 2008. We started TTC March of 2009. I knew deep down it was not going to be an easy journey because my reproductive history was not very pleasant. I have suffered from endometriosis and Ovarian cysts for as long as I can remember. I also have Crohns disease. We tried without success for 9 months and finally with much joy we were able to announce in January we were expecting our first! We were over the moon. We had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and we were able to see the sac, it was kind of strange to think that the little blob on the screen was our baby! At 7 weeks we had another ultrasound and there we saw the heart beat, such a big weight was lifted at this time, I thought ok things are looking good. Unfortunately not long after this I noticed a bit of pink when I wiped which terrified me, I immediately started crying and called my Dr. It was a Saturday so my Dr. told me to take it easy and come in on Monday for an ultrasound. On Monday as my husband and I nervously sat in the waiting room I tried to think as positive as I could, telling myself early pregnancy spotting is common everything is going to be fine. Well everything wasn’t fine, on the screen where just a couple of weeks before we saw a lively heartbeat there was now only a blank black blob, I was devestated. I sobbed for most of the day, we were experiencing a missed miscarriage. That week passed and still I had no bleeding or cramping. I had a follow up appointment scheduled for February 17, 2010 by that time I still had no sign of anything passing so my Dr. inserted several pills to soften my cervix and speed things up. It worked and boy did it work!! I have never seen so much blood in my life. It lasted about 7 hours, I passed out several times from the blood loss, the bathroom looked like a scene from a horror movie. We decided we needed to go to the ER, but before leaving I wanted to rinse off in the shower, then it happened…………the baby passed. I sat sobbing in the shower emotionally drained from all that had happened but relieved it was finally over. After that I didn’t want to go to the hospital the bleeding had abruptly slowed to resemble a light period and all I wanted to do was sleep. I spent the next 48 hours in a numb state doing alot of sleeping and crying but after that things gradually improved and I found my self feeling anxious to start trying again.

    My cycle returned March 23, 2010. We tried and nothing happened, a 2nd cycle came and went with negative results. Then there was a 3rd cycle and a 4th still nothing. Finally June 9, 2010 I found myself staring once again at a positive pregnancy test. I didn’t know how to feel I was excited and terrified all at the same time. The next day I tested again and still it was positive so I decided it was time to call the Dr. She ordered some blood work and it was back to the ‘waiting game’. 24 hours they called with my results, I was indeed pregnant….barely pregnant but indeed pregnant. Then came the dreaded bad news, my progesterone was way too low and I would likely miscarry over the weekend. They called in a prescription of prometrium, a sythetic progesterone. I took it faithfully the next 3 days and somehow made it through the weekend. I had more blood work, my HCG numbers had doubled beautifully. Could things really work out this time? They checked my HCG level again 4 days later and it had dropped, the excitement was over, we were miscarrying again. I waited and several days later the bleeding began, this time it was much more like a heavy period and I felt as if I sailed through it without any problems. The bleeding subsided a week later and I had my HCG levels checked again, but to everyone’s surprise they had risen, they had risen significantly! An ultrasound was ordered immediately only to show an empty uterus and empty tubes, there was no sign of a pregnancy, but according to my last cycle I would have been 7 weeks. My Dr. suspected an ectopic pregnancy or there was tissue stuck in me, she ordered a round of methotrexate (chemotherapy) as this was the best course of action. The first round didn’t work so a 2nd round was ordered a week later and my numbers finally were down.

    We are now attempting to try for a 3rd time. I recently had an insulin test done and other testing for PCOS, they concluded that I do have insulin resistant PCOS. I will start metformin in a few days to help with my insulin problem. We also had an HSG done on August 27th to see if my tubes were clear and they were, which is good news. I had my first cycle of clomid along with an hcg trigger shot and IUI last week. Praying for good news next week!



    I miscarried while at a business conference out of state. I was in pain and upset because I was thounds of miles from my friends and family having to deal with the news by myself. I went to the ER with a co-worker. While there, they discover I actually lost it around 8.5 weeks. I was over 11.5 weeks along so my body was just then showing the signs. Since I was dealing with a large amount of blood loss and needed to fly home the next day(yesterday) they decided to do a D&C. I was release from the hospital that night. I am now sore from having a breathing tube shoved drown my throat and feeling sore muscles all over my body from the anesthesia. When I got home the first thing I did was pack up all the maternity clothes I bought, so I could help heal the awful memory. Hope to try again for another once I’ve recovered.



    hello all i am so sorry to hear about the loss i just lost a baby at 10 weeks along . this will make my 3rd miscarriage . 2nd one in a year i am down on my self right now i don’t even know where to start all i ever wanted is to just have one more child to make my family completed i have got the go ahead to start trying once more but for me to try to do that right now is out of the pic my husband and i are not talking about and it hurts i feel like i am in this world all alone and no one to talk to i pray every night that everything will be just fine and that will wake up the next day and its all a dream …. but we all know thats not going to help ether but i don’t know what to do any longer



    hello all i am so sorry to hear about the loss i just lost a baby at 10 weeks along . this will make my 3rd miscarriage . 2nd one in a year i am down on my self right now i don’t even know where to start all i ever wanted is to just have one more child to make my family completed i have got the go ahead to start trying once more but for me to try to do that right now is out of the pic my husband and i are not talking about and it hurts i feel like i am in this world all alone and no one to talk to i pray every night that everything will be just fine and that will wake up the next day and its all a dream …. but we all know thats not going to help ether but i don’t know what to do any longer



    hi guys im new to this related topic i wish i wasn’t but here i am. i started bleed over the weekend red with clots i went to the dr Monday and she said there was a lot of blood on my cervix and sent me for a trans-vaginal ultrasound. we found no baby in my uterus but did find 2 yoke sacs. they hand my progesterone levels tested and called today to tell me that they are really low and put me on the hormone to help. the called it a threatened miscarriage and put me on bed rest. so im so confused if ive lost my babies or wat has happened or what will. i was just wonder if this has happened to any of you and if you have any advice ? i found out mid may that i was pregnant so i should be 10 weeks but i only measured 6 weeks on ultra sound.
    sry posted twice wasn’t sure which to put it on



    I just had my third mc over the weekend.. My first was in 09 and then I had a full term pregnancy in 2010.. I had another mc july this yr and now my third.. Im starting to feel like its me doing something wrong or like theres something wrong with me.. Does anyone have some relatable stories. I just feel like mcs after a full pregnancy is a bit strange even though im thankful to have had a baby already. And could you tell me what turned out to be the problem if anything at all?



    Chesley.. Im sorry for your losses.. It sounds like my situation exactly.. I feel like Im dreaming and when I get pregnant I wait to see the blood which is horrible I know but I cant help it.. I hope you get what you long for 🙂



    I was told I was miscarring at 9 weeks. I was bleeding and passing clots. I was sent home to wait for heavy cramping and bleeding. After a week of waiting and still bleeding I went back to the ER where I was told my hcg levels fell my more than half. My baby was still measuring 8 weeks and had a weak heart. Handed the miscarriage phamplet over. I waited to pass clots. A few days after more bleeding and small clots I made the d&c appointment. I wanted to check with a regular doctor and not the ER. The day before the dnc I went to a specialist and was told my baby was measuring 4 days behind, had a strong heart, jumping like a bean, and looked very viable. I did have a subdural hematoma aka blood clot on the spot where the placenta attached to the uterus. It could have dislodged or grew and I would have lost the baby so I had to be on light bed rest and pelvic rest until 15 weeks. As for the low hcg level I was told I lost the twin. I never knew I was pregnant with twins and still wonder if that’s true and since the blood clot was on the placenta of my now 9 month old. They were identical and shared a placenta. I still feel very blessed and anyone who is told its a miscarriage make sure you are postiive before jumping to the d and c. I would have killed my baby because of what a doctor thought. I know the pain and struggle of a miscarriage. I hurt just like you. It will be ok.



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    I’m so sorry all of us have to go through this! I couldn’t hold back my tears while I was reading your posts. Your situations are so close to mine. My husband and I are trying to conceive for 8 long years. We had six miscarriages and each of them was killing me. My doctors were telling me so much stuff which was so confusing each time. No one should lose their children! I understand how much hope all of you had for your pregnancies. Each time I believed that everything will be okay though previous failures don’t ever let me to relax and be calm.

    It breaks my heart when I read about your stories. I wish all of you to be strong! Give yourself some time and some space. I was thinking about visiting some support groups or specialist. The thing is I don’t like to talk about my miscarriages. As soon as I start talking I start crying and I can’t stop. Now I feel like I’m not ready yet to talk about what happened. Maybe later I will be able to open up… For now I decided to came here on this forum. I don’t regret as I receive support and advises I needed so much. I had to quit my job because everyone was looking at me with pity. They were asking me how I feel all the time. It was hard for me because I hate it when people feel sorry for me. Anyway there is still hope for us and I believe we will have our chance to become parents.



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