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    hi all please help me i had af dec 15 and on dec 31 i started spotting until jan 8 stopped for two days and now i’m spotting again i tryed a preg test last week BFN could i be preggo’s????? and also is it possible to be pregnant and still have your period ?????



    Need help!!! Well my official LMP was on 4/20 then i spotted on 5/21 with brownish discharge for a couple days then finally AF on 5/25.. so any idea which date to put for my LMP? this normally does not happen… thinking it was maybe stress, but DH and I are still TTC, which dates should we BD?? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    Hey ladies this is the 3 month trying after my second m/c and I’ve never had a baby. 1st pregnacny was a pleasant surprise the second was planned and we got it on the first try. Now we’ve been trying for 2 + months and we can’t even seem to get pregnant. I sort of feel like y situation has gone from bad to worse. First we could get pregnant but not stay pregnant, now we can’t even seem to get pregnant. I am at my wits end.



    Can anybody help me pls. I am trying to conceive a boy it there anything that can help to have a boy any suggestiongs pls. I laready have two girls


    I just have to say. I am going crazy. I am now officially 1 day late and I got a neg last night. Now if nothing I have to wait to see the specialist in Monday!!!!


    mommy and angelic.. my Last period started on the 6th of jan .. and i have 28 day cycles which makes me 19 days LATE today.. i do an internet cheapie test everyday and so far all bfn and ive had 2 blood tests don, the doc says that i just have to go back week after week untill either af shows or i get a bfn.. the waiting sucks i just want to know what it happening too.. i have been grumpy and bloated and sooo tired and hungry but then again there all signs of af comming but i have been having sharp stabbing pains in my lower tummy but nothing like af cramping… it REALLY does suck..i feel for you both



    Well I am due for my AF today but no sign as yet, did a HPT today and got a BFN..so dissapointing but there is always next month. I really did think I was PG though.



    Caty when is AF due?? If I am pregnant I am about 3 weeks…. I felt sick this morning and I saw a red line when I went to the bathroom (sorry if that is tmi) I think it may be imp. bleeding…. AF isnt due until the 15th…… I will be testing soon 😉



    I had my Mirena taken out on November 22 and hoping to get pregnant soon. I am ovulating this weekend so hopefully good news soon!!! Baby dust to you all.


    Thanks Ohbaby! I’m excited! I’m a little nervous, since I will have 3 under the age of 26 months. Ahhh!!! I guess I will lose my baby weight faster huh? Lol…


    hello again ladies, my partner and i have decided to start ttc again. Had the mirena taken out last week and according to my doctor, because i only had it for 3 months, trying to get my periods to become regular, that after my period i should be fertile again as i was ultra fertile before, so fingers crossed!
    Anyways lots of sticky baby dust to everyone!! xoxoxox




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    Hi Good Morning,

    Question for you guys, since yesterday I have this odd not pain but is like when you have your AF and you know it’s coming well I know mine came on Jan. 2 so I kknow I am getting my AF until next month but is like irritating me a little do you know what’s going on? and how long it would last it’s my second day and is driving me crazy



    Darcher- The day you had your full period is the date you put in for your first day of cycle. Sometimes stress can shift your cycle days. If you become irregular, you can get your hormone level tested.



    FEEFEES- hey girl, haven’t seen you around here in a while. I feel like I am in those same shoes. it’s rough! but keep trying, keep hoping, keep praying. and BD like a crazy honeymooner. 🙂 hope you’re doing okay. (((hugs)))

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