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    soo . for the last week and a half iv been having mild pain and cramping in my lower stomach , and like 4-5 days ago when i wiped it was a light brown. (Implantation?) Sunday morning everything i smelt made me wanna throw up, and when i was going to bed i had to sit up like 3 times because i felt like throwing up, and all day yesterday and today iv been feeling sick on and off. Im not due to start AF til the 28th. wasn’t trying to conceive but it just might have happened. going to see my doctor sometime this week to get back on my bc, but im gonna ask for a blood test first. I wouldn’t be disappointed if i was pregnant , just wasnt planing it, it will be my 3rd pregnancy , last was a misscarrage at 11 weeks in august. It would be a great surprise if im pregnant , what do you guys think???.



    ok i have left a msg here 3 times now and it doesnt seem to be showing up so here goes again. I did a test on thursday (1 day after O) and of course i got a negitive.I have been feeling queezy for the last few days and have had slight cramps. I cant wait until tuesday to do another test, But might even hold out until good friday. I just cant wait to know what result is. HEARS HOPING and good luck to all of you



    I’m really really freaking out here ladies. I just had a baby 3 months ago and my period is 5 days late. Before my pregnancy I was never late. So could this be normal? Or should I be worried???!!!!! PLEASE ANSWER ON MY PROFILE!!! I cannot be pregnant again!



    I still have to wait a week to test, and it feels like it’s so long away.


    Hello Ladies! I am wondering if anyone in here could help me out! The date of my last period was the 11th and so my husband and I did the baby dance on the 20 21 22 and 24th…What do you think that my odds are this month of getting a positive? Thanks! Baby dust!



    The cycle days are how many days are generally between you periods? 24?28?31? Find that number and the dat entry is the day you started your last period. If you don’t know wait until you get your period and plug in the date.The calender is color coded and color key is right above it. Like red is most fertile. Hope this helped.



    Chatter I knew it!!! I am so happy 4 you! I knew with your spotting!!! Yea!!! Well I am kinda feeling crampy. 🙁 I will test tomorrow maybe! I will keep y’all posted!


    I think I just ovulated tonight a day or 2 earlier than I thought I would. My husband and I BD’d on Sunday night, Tuesday night and then again tonight since I felt like I was ovulating. Will having sex yesterday ( the day before ovulation) help our chances? I also stayed on my back with my legs up for an hour both times, hoping to help the situation. Anyone think I might get lucky?



    mfarmer- I think your safe. We didn’t BD as planned lastnight but made up for it this morning. I am not close to ovulating yet. It never hurts to start early.

    green- I don’t know for sure. I don’t use them, it could be possible.


    woohoo tomorrow morning!! Woohoo for a friend!! Tell her congrats! Prayers for both. If I knew where you lived I’d be waking you up early. Get up with the chickens so we don’t have to wait all day 🙂



    dchatter – Well at least it is the holiday so your wait should go fast with all of the distractions. Of all times to get sick; they have to do it during our 3 – 4 day fertile period?! LOL!



    a question-myself n my partner are trying for a baby- we already have a 14mt little girl…i came off my pill the start of nov n got AF the the 2dec which woul be 33days cycle n i havent got them since n its been 4odays since my period… done a test 6 days ago n got a BFN so i dont no what to think is happen wih me ??// help



    CD2 and the cramps are SOOO BAD! Why did my body have to reject my bean?



    VTBRIDE-Good luck on your IUI….I just had my 1st one yesterday. Dr said she put in 40-50 million of highly active swimmers 🙂



    my month is going ok, i have been peein on a stick starting when i was supposed to be fertile. none of the tests have been positive. well, today i have noticed my cm getting a little thinner. so i took a test, ( cuz i had ran out & had 2 buy more) it was negative still…. i dunno, this month has been so freaking slow. i can only imagine how long the 2 wks between O-time and pregnancy testing will be…..

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