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    I have used this calendar with both of my pregnancy and got pregnant the same month we tried, Good Luck to everyone



    i know me and my financee BD when i ovulated last month and missed my period im over a week late and the tests all say im not. so i guess this month we are gonna try again this month and see if that helps i dont know how but we’ll try.



    Clara – I think your levels can peak and drop off quickly. I’ve heard of some people having to test 2 – 3 times a day in order be sure and ‘catch’ it at the right time. BD just in case:)



    i don’t think i ovulate when the calendar says so…i got the OPK’s where you test for the LH surge and then you know you should ovulate within the next 36 hrs…they help tremendously!!



    Thanks Ladies!! I am not a big drinker so that will not be an issue! If it doesnt smell good I am not drinking it lol!


    mfarmer don’t give up 🙂 angel baby dust! Jenjen baby dust, congrats on the wedding and good luck! Boom how is it going?? I am so sick now, a few weeks ago I was so worried now I just want to keep something down. If I can’t keep it down by tomorrow, it looks like I will be going to my doctor early. . . Today I turn 29!!



    Ash – my first two pregnancies only had a faint line at 6 wks on the HPT so you still have hope! The symptoms sound positive:) I’d wait another 3 days or so then call the doc if you are still getting a BFN and no AF. BOOM – Thanks for the info on the preseed!!! Maybe I will try it this month:) I keep teeter tottering back and forth about it. LOL!
    OHBABY – Hope this is your month! 8 months is a long time to wait… but a BFP does make a nice Christmas gift especially after trying so long! Keep us posted.
    ELIZABETH – Where are you? How is your back?? I hope that you are feeling better! Shouldn’t you be coming up on the end of the first trimester?



    Feeling much better thanks ladies, been out on a big shopping spree..only food wise but it was a great feeling to spend more money than I usually would. I have decided to start round 3 of Clomid next week when AF arrives..this time im going to try days 3-7 instead of the later days 5-9. I am also going to invest in LOTS of OPK’s and BD like its going out of fashion.



    Hey ladies I think I . Ovulation today. Pain came in around 12noon. But chart said I should had ovulated tomar. But I guess 1 day early. O well we will see.



    Cd7 today, day 3 clomid, have headache, cramps and im oh so tired. Baby dust to you all.



    wannabeamum—dont stress urself hun!!!
    ull get ur BFP soon..as im waiting on mines!
    when was ur LMP?



    hopefully someone can guide me here my pd was due the 3rd of july and it hasnt arrived mild cramping every once in a while but not everyday i had 1 neg pregnancy test but that was about 9 at night could i be preggo


    hi lades im about 5 dpo when should i start testing, my af is due on the 21st im confused???????????



    As of today I am 7 days late. LMP 01/06/10 Had some cramping on 2/6 & 2/7 I have had very sore breasts, constipation and frequent urination with more urgency. I think it is still too early to test, but I plan to this weekend if I haven’t started by then. Nov Dec and Jan – I tested and then started the very next day each of those months so am putting it off this time around. I only have two tests in the bathroom and hope to get BFP from at least one of them!!! I may test on friday because with Jonathan I tested on Sunday got BFN then tested Friday and got BFP!!! We’ll see..wish me luck!



    OOOh look, im a post-a-holic….LOL leats it keeps me busy..inbetween packing to move back to my OWN home…im soo excited about this move.8 sleeps tp go.

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