Ovulation calendar

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    My doctor said that the average wait to conceive, when the couple is TRYIng to get pregnant (if there are no fertility issues) is 6-9 months. This helps me to not get discouraged if I don’t get pregnant right away. (which I haven’t…) After about a year i may start to worry =/

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    babygal, keep ur head up sweetie. my sis had 4 miscarriages and went on with a succesful pregnancy after that. my sis in law it turns out could only have a term pregnancy if it followed a miscarriage. im sorry to hear for your loss…

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    hi everyone someone please give me a answer i had a positive ovulation predictor stick friday and i baby danced i just ended my period last thursday ive had very light cramping on the left by ovary a pea sized bright red spot of blod today and that was it!!! my cervix is very high very soft closed tight and the opening is tilted way up!!!! could i be pregnant it would be way to early to test!!!!

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    Chatter- Same here… I am really thinking of waiting until Sunday or Mon and AF is suppose to start Tues… so we shall see

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    Hi ladies, just checking in! Sounds like you all have a plan for the month. MFARMER – Yay, it’s March! Lol! Anyway babydust to all TTC. Can’t wait to hear about all of the spring BFP’s!


    I have another ultrasound today – in about an hour! I’m so excited to see my little beans again! 🙂 My belly is getting bigger every day, and I am LOVING it!


    liltyke7– thanks for the respons i took a test this morning and it was a BFN so i counted 4 weeks from the day we BD and on the 13th ill test. i think thats it.. thanks again

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    Lizzy- Yes! Super itchy… I’m kind of glad. Lol.

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    woooo hooo Mfarmer…we can be preggers together with elizabeth! we need more to join the BFP club!!!

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    Yay Elizabeth! So glad you can sit and walk:) CD6… I swear, it’s a longer wait now than the 2ww! Lol. Well actually, I don’t O till CD20ish so it really is a loooong wait. Good luck to everyone getting ready to BD. AGELIC – So sorry!! Keep your chin up and yes, you are blessed with 3. Make sure you don’t miss 1 single minute watching them grow while you are wishing for a new baby. It’ll come in time and you sure have waited a long time so hopefully it’ll happen soon for you.

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    Is the ovulation calendar not working? it wont show anything, i enter my last period and nothing comes up

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    I am kinda bumbed because i got a positive opk last night and this morning. I am at 16CD today. I have 26 to 27 day cycles. I think this means i have a short luteal phase and im just really sad cause i read its hard to get prego when u have a short phase. Any words of wisdom would greatly be appreciated

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    my SIL didn’t get her BFP for her last baby unitl about 6 weeks after her last AF

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    Becky, if this is implantation spotting, a HPT should show positive in a few days. I would say now is too soon to show positive. Good luck!

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